Work Visas for Australia

Immigration to AustraliaThere have been several stories recently saying that the Visa system for Australia is tightening up and that GPs will be taken off the skilled occupations list.

I’ve copied the following from the FT:

“The 15 positions facing deletion from the skilled occupations list include general practitioner, anaesthetist, paediatrician and cardiologist. Removing these occupations would block foreign doctors from applying for entry to Australia via independent or family sponsored points tested visas or through temporary graduate visas.

But the Australian health department and the AMA said there were other visa categories through which foreign doctors could apply, including employer sponsored visas or temporary work visas, and overseas trained doctors were still welcome.” (Financial Times: November 1st 2016.

So, while GPs might come off the skilled occupations list, this will only affect the limited number of doctors who try to obtain residency prior to going to Australia.  The majority of doctors go to Australia via the 457 Business Visa system and then apply for Permanent Residency once in Australia. As far as we can see this route is unchanged – though it is not clear whether PR applications once you are in Australia will be affected by this change

(Note: The 457 visa system is preferable for both doctors and employers as it is quicker, cheaper and more certain than trying to get residency while still overseas: Our FAQ section has more information:

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The service I received from both Paul in the UK and from Monique and Martina in Australia was excellent. Initially I mainly was in contact with Paul whilst I was getting organised with registration which he helped with. He was extremely patient in answering all my questions. When I first arrived in Newcastle I was really pleased that Martina came to meet me there whilst she was visiting New South Wales (despite being based in Melbourne) and took me to my practice to meet everyone. I found this particularly helpful as I moved out here on my own knowing no-one so I was grateful to meet a friendly face. I’ve been here 5 months now and its definitely been one of the best things I’ve ever done.
Dr S. G.