Why work as a GP in Australia?

Why work as a GP in AustraliaThere are many reasons why general practice in Australia is a better experience than working as a GP in the UK. As a GP in Australia, the benefits are huge, but not just financially. With the NHS coming under increasing strain, there is no better time to consider a job as a GP in Australia.

Working as a GP in Australia – the workload

As a GP in Australia, you’re in control of your workload. There is no “10 minute appointment” rule – GPs see patients on a next come / next served basis, in theory you take as long as is needed for each patient. In practice though, you are likely to see 4 to 4.5 patients per hour. So between 12.5 to 15 mins per patient, depending on complexity the presenting symptoms and the age of the patient.

Funding arrangements

While GP practices in the UK have a relatively fixed income, via the capitation system, Australian GP practices depend solely on the income generated from each patient visit. This income is split between the GP and the practice – typically in the ratio of 65% /35% or 70% / 30% in the GPs favour.  There is no “list” in the UK sense, so the more patients that come into the surgery, the more income generated – for both the practice & the GPs.  Clinics also try to provide more services which attract a fee or Medicare rebate – such as radiology, physio, minor surgery etc. Visit our ‘what do GPs earn?’ page to find out more on billing.

How does getting paid as a GP in Australia compare to the UK?

GP to patient relationship

In the UK, GPs face increasing demands without extra resources and this is to creating rationing of GP services – and leading to general dissatisfaction by both patients and GPs.  In Australia, the very nature of the way in which GP practices are funded,  means that this does not happen – though GPs do have to spend more time building and developing their individual list of patients.

More information

For more information on working as a GP in Australia, visit our FAQs page for details or contact us today on: [email protected]


Good Morning. I started work at Westgate yesterday and everything is going fine. The learning curve is steep with regards to software etc but everyone is lovely here…. a big thanks to you, Martina and Paul for all your help and getting me to this stage.
Dr K. D.