What types of GP practice are there in Australia?

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What types of GP practice are there in Australia?

When considering relocating to Australia to work as a GP, many GPs come to us asking: What types of GP practice are there in Australia?

The answer is, there are several different types of GP practices in Australia. It is important to know what type of surgery suits you best in order to find the right GP job for you.

Traditional GP Practice

Typically made up of one or a small group of physicians. If you prefer a slightly slower pace of working, yet still want to see lots of patients, traditional GP practice may be the best option. Plenty of GPs that decide to relocate to Australia choose this type of practice, where there is little staff turn over and a close doctor-patient relationship.

Specialist Clinic

Despite being ‘general practitioners’, some GP practices do specialise. If you have a specific interest in one area of medicine, it is worth looking at a specialist clinic. In Australia GP practices can advertise their services like companies do.

Medical Centre

Medical centres in Australia are often open for extended hours, with some centres open 24 hours. If you’re looking for a busy working life as a GP in Australia, a medical centre may be your best option!

Patients may not be as concerned about seeing the same GP each time with a medical centre, meaning you can interact with plenty of patients daily.

Further information

For more details on applying to work as a GP in Australia, visit our FAQs page or contact GP Jobs today on: [email protected] for more information.

You can also view our current GP vacancies in Australia online.

I think everything went well from my point of view and everyone was very welcoming and helpful, particularly Barbara. I gave her the dates that would be most convenient for me in case they need me.
The best option as I told you before would be for me just to come for no longer than a week per month.
Thanks for the offer from Dublin but I am afraid it would be not a good option for me.
Right now I am waiting for the first payment from Worcester.
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