Visit to a GP clinic in the Huntingdale area, south Perth

One of our colleagues visited a client in the Huntingdale area, south of Perth. They’re busy & looking for a couple of GPs from the UK or Ireland.

This is her report:

Joe’s a really lovely guy and he’s had a tough go of getting doctors in – they did recruit two GPs a few months ago but one had to return to the UK due to a family emergency and the other just wasn’t right for the clinic.

I sat down with him and the practice manager for probably 2 hours discussing the clinic plans etc. and they have a well set up clinic, and the patient flow has been very good, but they just need doctors.  They’ve got some very good systems in place for care plans with the nurses to allow the doctors to bill well. Since these other two doctors left they had two locum female GPs that came in and they couldn’t understand why they struggled to get doctors as the location was right next to the train station and the clinic is new and modern and everybody was very friendly and good patient volumes.  Just some feedback for you.

Joe’s been working for 20 years in the Huntingdale area and he knows the patient demographic very well.  It’s very much a “middle class” suburb with lots of hard working families.  He said the patients are genuinely good honest people that come to the doctor when they need to.  The primary GP he has right now is another GP from the UK, but he’s just started in the last 2 months, the other one I think is a locum.

If you have any doctors that really enjoy chronic disease, quality traditional “family” medicine, this is a good place for them to be.  If you have any other questions please let me know.

If you’re interested in this vacancy, these are the details

  • 70% of billings,
  • Bulk billing practice
  • Opened six months ago
  • Looking for the next GP to start as soon as possible
  • Minimum guarantee for the first 6 months

Please call or email:

+44(0)1483 763102
[email protected]

I’m very happy that I initially contacted EU Health Staff to guide me through the whole process of finding and starting GP work in the Northern Territory, Australia. I experienced a very personal and informative service from everyone involved, and was guided through the process of registration step-by-step. This made the whole thing a lot less stressful and daunting. Prompt email responses, informative written material and even a welcome phone call on arrival were signs of a high class service. I would certainly recommend and use the company again. Many thanks.
Dr N. E.