Perth12 | GP | Mt Helena, east of Perth, Western Australia

Reference: Perth12

Location: Mt Helena, east of Perth

Length of position: 2 years or longer by preference but potentially negotiable for a shorter time

Consultant email: [email protected]

We’ve a vacancy in Mt Helena, 45km east of Perth for a UK, Irish or NZ trained GP. Please contact me for more information – this is a new vacancy and we’re waiting for additional information from the client

Further information on this area. Wikipedia:

Mt Helena

Perth Tourist

Who can apply for this post?

To apply for this post, you must have had GP training in the UK,  Ireland or NZ. For the UK you should hold full GMC and specialist GP registration. Plus, you must be a MRCGP and have either a CCT or hold the old JCPTGP certificate or were assessed by PMETB as equivalent. For Ireland you must have full IMC registration and be a Graduate of ICGP holding MICGP membership. If you’re from New Zealand, you should hold a Fellowship with The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (FRNZCGP). You can find more information here: Australian registration information for GPs


If you would like more information on these jobs, please email or telephone us on +44(0)1483 763102 for further information. All enquiries are free and in confidence.

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It is just the 4th day I have been working. The colleagues are very kind and help me. So I am satisfied right now. Thanks for so many help you have done for me.