Melb7 | GP | Cranbourne, south east Melbourne

Reference: MELB7

Location: Cranbourne, VIC

Length of position: 2 years or longer preferred

Consultant email: [email protected]

Our client is an experienced company with a several other practices on the eastern side of Australia (including the one in Marsden Park, Sydney and on the Gold Coast). They are now opening a new, large clinic in the Cranbourne area, south east of Melbourne. It looks to be a good area. In terms of where to live, as well as Cranbourne itself, also look at Cranbourne East or perhaps a bit further south (25km / 30mins drive) in Tyabb or closer in to the city perhaps in Bonbeach (on the coast, west of Cranbourne – 20km / 25 mins drive). These links will give some background information:

There is an Aussie website called with reviews of local areas.

This is for Cranbourne itself:

And these are summaries for the nearby suburbs

Tyabb (south of Cranbourne):

Cranbourne East:


The rota will most likely include an element of after hours as well as daytime:

1 x morning start at 7am – ie finish at 3:30pm (with 30 mins for lunch)

1 x late evening until 10pm – ie start at 1:30pm (with 30 mins for a break)

1 x weekend day per fortnight or per week (there’s a better percentage available for the latter contract but you wouldn’t be under any obligation)

The set up would be for 40 hours per week – so time off in lieu for the weekend (ie take the Friday off, have Saturday off as well – and  then work Sunday

Percentage of billings of 65% or 70%, depending on the weekend rota you choose. They can also offer a relocation lump sum of around $20,000 for a two year contract.  They do have other payment options – they can make the lump sum larger to give you money upfront (but with a lower percentage).

Why work as a GP in Australia? There’s less hassle, less bureaucracy, more medicine and more money. More info here:

There is more information here on living in Melbourne:


Best suburbs in the Melbourne area (as ranked by

Melbourne Tourist

Who can apply for this post?

To apply for this post, you must have had GP training in the UK,  Ireland or NZ. For the UK you should hold full GMC and specialist GP registration. Plus, you must be a MRCGP and have either a CCT or hold the old JCPTGP certificate or were assessed by PMETB as equivalent. For Ireland you must have full IMC registration and be a Graduate of ICGP holding MICGP membership. If you’re from New Zealand, you should hold a Fellowship with The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (FRNZCGP). You can find more information here: Australian registration information for GPs


If you would like more information on these jobs, please email or telephone us on +44(0)1483 763102 for further information. All enquiries are free and in confidence.

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The service I received from both Paul in the UK and from Monique and Martina in Australia was excellent. Initially I mainly was in contact with Paul whilst I was getting organised with registration which he helped with. He was extremely patient in answering all my questions. When I first arrived in Newcastle I was really pleased that Martina came to meet me there whilst she was visiting New South Wales (despite being based in Melbourne) and took me to my practice to meet everyone. I found this particularly helpful as I moved out here on my own knowing no-one so I was grateful to meet a friendly face. I’ve been here 5 months now and its definitely been one of the best things I’ve ever done.
Dr S. G.