Update on the Visa system for GPs going to work in Australia

We’ve had news of some significant changes to the visa system for GPs going to work in Australia.

This affects the 457 business visa (see below for explanation of the 457 visa) processing:

  • The Department of Immigration are reducing their staffing numbers to save money. However, the application numbers remain the same if not more than ever
  • We are currently waiting for about 40 days for an application just to be allocated to a Case Officer
  • The immigration department now require businesses to do a mini case study to prove their ‘genuine need’ as to why they need a skilled migrant. We expect them to be stricter on nominations too. We will provide letters of support about the doctor shortage for the nominations
  • Some visa sponsors – those with special accreditation – will have applications fast tracked within 7 days. However, only a few, larger GP clinics are accredited in this way.
  • It may now be necessary to visa agent to process your visa and avoid complications. We’ll advise on this in more detail later on

Contact me, Paul Brooks, for more information: [email protected]

457 business visaUsually, you’ll need a 457 visa. This is a temporary long stay visa for skilled employees. This will cover you for up to four years, after which you can apply for another one. Or, if you want, you can apply for permanent residency. If you are coming with family, then the 457 visa covers family members as well. The employer will sponsor you for the visa and we will assist. However, you may need to employ a visa agent if you don’t have time or the inclination for all the form filling. This can cost $2,000 to $3,000. The 457 Visa will allow you to work part time if you want to (and have agreed it with the practice) – there is no requirement to be full time.

That's great. The certificate is attached. I'll try to book a flight for Sunday, May 18th. Thank you for your information concerning the Health Insurance. I am very happy that I have the opportunity to start to work in GB now. Thank you for your help.