South Perth

Rockingham beach front restaurants

Rockingham beach front restaurants

South Perth

South Perth is a more complex place than North Perth. We’ve got more jobs in this part of the city than anywhere else. In part this reflects the growth that Perth is undergoing at the moment but in the past it has also not been such a popular area for doctors coming to work in the area. Don’t let this put you off though.  There are some good places to live and prices are lower than north of the Swan river.

Fremantle is the hub of the south part of Perth and if you don’t mind the commute down to say Rockingham (about 16 miles / 25 to 30 minutes), it is a great place to be based.

Rockingham itself is also a great place to live

Port Kennedy is a bit further south. Not as big as Rockingham and with a large expat British community. Good schools and beaches. Probably the jewel in south Perth.

East of the coast, is Jandakot, a new suburb. Nice area with lots of golf and quite affordable. But there’s quite an active local airport nearby, so choose carefully so that you’re not under the runway.

Further south still and ideal for some of the GP jobs in the Rockingham / Mandurah areas is Mandurah itself. About an hour from Perth, it has good beaches, a relaxed atmosphere and a great lifestyle.

The railway runs from Perth to Rockingham (35 minutes)  and Mandurah (50 minutes . The main freeways are good but some of the urban roads can be slow.

More information: apart from the ubiquitous Google maps (use Streetview – the little orange man by the scale bar – to look around the area) and Wikipedia, these two sites might help with more information. Not all areas are covered of course and there’s no guarantee on the quality of information. Still it might be helpful in helping you to find the best place to be:  (N.B. easiest way to get information from this site is to use the ‘maps’ tab on the top navigation)

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I recently moved to Perth in Western Australia to start work as a General Practitioner. It was a daunting prospect initially, when searching for suitable posts, especially without having been to Australia before. The formal registration process appeared challenging and time-consuming to start with. However, during the process, I found Monique and Paul to be very supportive, providing reliable and accurate information when needed. I would highly recommend using their valuable insight to those contemplating the move in the near future.
Dr Arya