Good News! Changes to the RACGP system delayed

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Good News!

Changes to the RACGP system delayed until mid 2018

The RACGP system and the Australian immigration department announced plans in April to change the way in which UK and Irish GPs become registered to work in Australia.  We’ve now heard that the RACGP has decided to delay the changes. The plan now is to introduce the changes over several months, starting in July 2018 and being completed in January 2019.

Here is a brief summary of what we think theses changes will mean:

RACGP System Changes – update on June 1st 2017

  • The RACGP is planning a new two stage process to be introduced from mid-2018 – so at any point from June 2018.
  • The changes are aimed at tightening up of the RACGP’s professional standards policy – in line with what the GMC has done / is doing in the UK. They do not appear to be designed to limit or curtail the number of UK / Irish GPs going to Australia
  • When they do introduce the changes, they’ve said that they will temporarily stop accepting applications until they’ve set up the new system. We don’t yet know how long the halt will be for but my best guess is a month at least
  • The new process will mean that it is going to take longer to become a fully qualified GP in Australia.
  • They won’t be asking GPs to take exams – it’s more likely that the first stage will be a document check as per now. Followed by a second stage where GPs begin work in Australia but do so on a “specialist pathway” with a mentor / supervisor. We expect this “pathway” to be monitored via a 6 month work based assessment (WBA), which will need to be signed off by a mentor at the practice where you are working. After that, you’ll get Fellowship and full rights as a GP in Australia.
  • We originally thought that these changes would have a potential impact on earnings for GPs for the first 6 months. However, it now looks like that this shouldn’t be the case.
  • At the moment, the RACGP are still consulting but we do expect them to go ahead.


More information

For more details on RACGP system updates, visit our blog or our ‘can you get RACGP registration?’ page.

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Working with Monique and Martina in Australia, (UK GP applying from New Zealand) made the laborious and pedantic process of applying for GP Fellowship and Australian registration much easier than trying to do this alone. It was still a long process but the team helped every step of the way, and were happy to liaise with the AMC, RACGP or AHPRA when needed. They worked hard to secure a good GP position for me, and overall I highly recommend and thank them for all their help in the process of relocating to Australia as a GP.
Dr U. M.