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Perth and Western Australia

Perth-300x199Perth is a growth city and so there are quite a few GP jobs available. Would it suit you to work as a family doctor in Perth, Western Australia?

Metropolitan Perth occupies a narrow strip of coastal land on the south west side of Australia.

It extends from  Mindarie in the north to Mandurah in the south – roughly  55 miles from top to bottom. And about 20 miles inland.

In the middle is the Swan River, which was the name for the original colony set up by the British in 1826

Perth is on the north bank of the Swan River, with Fremantle on the southern bank. (By the way, Perth was named after Sir George Murray, the Secretary of State of the Colonies and the Member of Parliament for Perthshire)

There are some other very familiar names around and about too: Herne Hill, Guildford, Scarborough, Darlington, Highgate and Maida Vale are all suburbs

About 1.7 million people live in the metropolitan area of Perth, though this is growing fast. Mining and engineering industries in Western Australia use Perth as the hub and jumping off point for their activities and those industries are still expanding

Western Australia is ten times the size of the UK but with a population of just 2.3million. 90% of its income comes from mining and petroleum. Most important is Iron Ore, accounting for 58% of exports. Next up is oil, then gold, alumina, coal and uranium.

The economy is more closely linked with China than the west – a lot of these raw materials find their way to Chinese and other Far East factories

Even though we’re seeing stagnation and cut backs here in the UK, Western Australia is still growing. They’re expecting the population to double in the next 30 to 40 years. On a more immediate level, Western Australia needs a further 36,000 tradesmen over the next 4 years.

Perth is 8th in the Economists league of most liveable cities (admittedly, Melbourne is 1st, Sydney 6th but by comparison, London is 53rd)

Link here to the Economist (registration and / or payment required to access the report):

Although Perth is out on its own on the west of Australia, it does mean it is quite a bit closer to Europe and Asia. The time difference is +8hrs (Sydney is currently +11 hrs). Flying time to Singapore is about 4 hrs 30 mins (roughly the same to get to Sydney, less than getting to Brisbane, which is 5hrs away). London to Perth (via Singapore) is about 18hrs 30 min, usefully less than the 22 / 23 hours to Sydney.

The climate is rather Mediterranean like with hot summers and cool, damp winters.

As well as GP jobs in Perth, there are quite a few vacancies in other areas if your spouse would like to work here as well. Mining, of course, where there is a whole raft of jobs. Often, you can be based in Perth and then fly in, fly out  (FIFO) to the mines in Western Australia on a rota. Teaching, Administration, Engineering etc.  Remember also that your spouse or partner can work unrestricted in Australia if you have a 457 visa (the usual visa that we help to arrange for a doctor)   My colleague, Monique, lives in Perth and so has lots of local knowledge if you’ve any specific questions.

This link gives some useful background information on living in Perth and Western Australia in general:

Main districts in Perth with vacancies for GPs

North Perth

South Perth

Please contact me for more information on the jobs we have in Perth: email: [email protected]   Tel: +44 (0)1483 763102

I would highly recommend EU Health Staff to any GP looking for work in Australia. They provide a very professional, efficient and friendly service.

As a newly qualified GP with a young family, and having never been to Australia before, the process of finding the right job seemed rather daunting at first. Being matched to the right practice and location was crucial to the success of our move.

Paul, based in the UK, did an excellent job in assessing my needs and interests (and those of my family!) and matching me to the right job/s. This saved me a lot of time and effort. He was also very responsive in replying to my queries, liaising with partners and employers in Australia, arranging interviews, and keeping me up to date with the whole process.

‘Monique, based in Australia, was also immensely helpful as the time of our move approached, and communicated directly with my wife regarding many practical queries that we had. This was great for us as I was busy working full-time and had no time to make calls to Australia at a suitable time; or to reply to emails promptly. Monique also gave us a warm welcome to Perth and was there on my first day at work here.

My wife and I feel as though we were guided by the hand in what could have otherwise been a very confusing and frustrating maze of application forms, registration steps and overseas phone calls. Quite honestly, I don’t think we would have got very far in the process had we attempted it ourselves unaided!

We have been in Perth for almost three months now and already feel settled into work and family life here. The adjustment process has not been as challenging as we expected. We have made friends easily and are enjoying the outdoor lifestyle…even in winter! We are already planning to stay longer than we first anticipated…even buying a house. Many thanks to Paul, Monique and partners for helping to make this move a reality and success for our family! You are the best!
Dr A. R.