New Visa system for GPs going to Australia

Visa Application Information – TSS – 482 Visa

The new Visa system for GPs going to work in Australia came into force on March 18 2018

The below information is general information and does not constitute formal migration advice.

It may be helpful to use a registered migration agent for advice on any issues you may have applying for your visa. Please contact us if you would like the details of our recommended registered migration agent. (N.B. This will be particularly useful if you and your partner are not married or if you have children in their mid-teens. )

Generally you will start the visa application around two months prior to your intended arrival date.  The Department of Immigration prefer not to approve a visa more than 28 days in advance but from our conversations with them they can be flexible on this point.  For most doctors the final document they need for their visa application is their certificate of ‘registration in principle’ from AHRPA.  You can start your application prior to receiving this document and then simply upload it once you receive it.

On 18 March 2018, the 457 visa has been replaced with the new Temporary Skill Shortage visa – TSS (subclass 482). The changes come after announcements made by the government last April (2017) and no further 457 visa nomination or applications can now be lodged.

This link is to the Australian Government website outlining the new visa system:

Some noteworthy changes regarding the new temporary work visa (with thanks to Carman Associates, who are registered Migration Agents with offices in the UK and Australia: /

Occupation list 

The current list containing occupations that can be nominated are as follows:

GPs are on the medium and long term shortage list (line no 95 – 253111), so the visa can be granted for 4 years. It is also renewable in country (so, as long as the rules stay the same and GPs stay on the medium & long term shortage list, you can continue to work long term in Australia using this type of visa). You can also apply for Permanent Residency when you have this visa

Visa streams

There are 2 visa streams based on the nominated occupation:

  1. Short term stream granting the TSS visa for up to 2 years
  2. Medium term stream granting the TSS visa for up to 4 years – this is the one relevant to GPs

Work experience

In addition to the required skill level for each occupation, applicants must also demonstrate that they have worked in their nominated occupation or a related field for at least 2 years.

Genuine temporary entrant 

Visa applicants applying via the short-term stream must demonstrate that they intend to stay in Australia temporarily.

Increased English language requirement

Visa applicants applying via the medium-term stream are required to demonstrate a higher level of English language ability.

Labour Market Testing 

Business to provide evidence they have advertised the nominated occupation and have been unsuccessful sourcing local labour.

Full time work 

Nominated positions must be full time. There is an exemption that allows GPs to work as self-employed contractors – ie GPs do not need to be employees (it is covered here:

Unless the nominated occupation is exempt, you are required to engage the nominee as an employee under a written contract of employment. A copy of this contract, which has been signed by both the employer and the nominated overseas worker, must generally be provided to us. The exempt occupations are listed in TSS legislative instruments.)

Genuine need  

The business must demonstrate that there is a genuine need for the position based on the scale and scope of the business.

Department Fees 

Standard Business Sponsorship application: $420.00 AUD

TSS nomination: $330.00 AUD

TSS application:

  • short-term stream applicants: from AUD1,150.00 AUD
  • medium-term and labour agreement stream applicants: from AUD2,400.00 AUD
  • U18 dependent: $1,200

Training Levy

There may also be a levy on the practice you go to work for to cover training for Australians for future roles

Application Costs

The application cost  for you is $ 2,400 plus, if you are going with a partner, a further $2,400. U18 dependents cost $1,200.

A migration agent to help you with your application will cost approximately $ 1500

I hope this information has been helpful to you. Please contact me if you would like to be put in touch with our migration agent, or if you have any questions. Please also see below for an FAQ on medical tests and general visa matters. [email protected]


I decided to make the move to Australia in December 2011 to work as a GP. It had always been an ambition of mine to move out there. In all honesty though I had no idea where to start. I searched online and emailed an agency. Paul emailed me back straight away with a lot of initial information and we arranged to talk. After a long discussion with him (he was very patient as I had a LOT of questions), to cut a long story short he sent me a lot of information about available jobs and how to make the move. I basically let Paul know the jobs I was interested in and he gave me more info and set up interviews (this all happened very quickly). Anyhow after the interview (for the job I liked) I was offered the job and accepted the contract. As I discovered a little bit at a time moving to Australia can be very time consuming and difficult with all the procedures and paperwork needed. Paul also put me in touch with Monique who is based in Australia. So I now basically had 2 contacts to ask questions. As I mentioned previously I had a lot of questions. I can’t even begin to describe how helpful and easy it was to communicate with them both. If I had a question, or if there was a problem it was sorted out asap. Moving to Australia as a doctor is hard, but Paul and Monique made it so easy for me, it was just more time consuming than difficult (collecting all the paperwork). Had I tried to do this without them I would have struggled an awful lot. Not only do they help you with the medical paperwork, they will also give advice on living in Australia and also help with other things that will need to be done to facilitate the move. They will talk you through every thing that needs to be done in a manner that makes things seem straightforward!

Now I’m here, I still have contact and the little things and attention to detail, such as phone calls to see how I’m settling in is amazing. I love the place, the job and I don’t think i would be here now without their help.

I can quite honestly say this is a fantastic service and i would recommend it to anybody! They will talk you through every thing that needs to be done.
Dr Graham