New DWS areas

On Feb 2nd 2015, Medicare in Australia made some major changes to the DWS map (see here for an explanation on DWS:

In broad terms, these are the winners and losers:

Queensland. A lot of new suburbs around Brisbane have now become DWS. We’re expecting to have quite a few new jobs in these areas over the coming weeks

NSW: Most of Sydney is now not DWS – of the jobs we have, only the ones in the Sutherland region (south of Sydney) and Penrith (near the Blue Mountains, north west of Sydney) are still DWS. (N.B. It is still possible to get access to some of the jobs which have just changed – please let me know if they were of interest).

Melbourne / Victoria: Quite a few areas on the northern and western sides of Melbourne are now DWS. We have several jobs in these areas – Werribee, Tarneit, Point Cook etc.

Perth / Western Australia: A few areas have been taken out of DWS (for example, Midland, Ballajura, Malaga etc. On the other hand, some great locations such as Mandurah, Lakesville and Dawesville (all on the south side of Perth) have opened up. There should be more jobs in these areas coming through soon too.

The DWS map can be found here:  Click on the DWS layer in the box on the right hand side and then accept the T&Cs.  You can then input a town / city or just zoom in.

Email me for more information:  [email protected]

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