New AMC, RACGP & AHPRA Registration Process

The AMC and RACGP introduced a new way of registering overseas GPs on July 1st 2014. We’ve spent the past few months understanding the system and ironing out a few wrinkles in how it works.

In brief, you now have to apply separately to both organisations. The AMC handles EICS / ECFMG verification of your primary medical degree and specialist qualification (eg MRCGP – not your CCT). EICS / ECFMG is a worldwide mechanism for verification and recognition of graduate / post graduate training.  The RACGP deals with the lion’s share of the registration and determines if you should have Fellowship of the College (and thus be equivalent to Australian trained GPs).

The AMC part is relatively straightforward but it is taking at least 6 to 8 weeks for documents to be processed. The good news is that you don’t need to wait until they’ve finished before you begin the RACGP side of things – they can be done in tandem.

The RACGP though has introduced some extra requirements: you must have a signed offer letter / job description, you need a mentor to be allocated by the practice you are going to work for and there is a CPD programme that needs to be completed before you get through the system and get Fellowship ad Eundem Gradum. The RACGP has a special portal designed to handle the applications on line and it is proving a bit temperamental. However, doctors are getting through it in about 6 to 8 weeks.

The other recent change is with AHPRA. This organisation is like the old PCTs in the UK and they re-assess all of your qualifications and confirm your ID. It used to be possible to apply for AHPRA while your RACGP was in process. However, they’ve recently imposed a 28 day time limit on applications, after which, if they don’t have all of a doctor’s documents (ie confirmation of Fellowship from the RACGP), they will delete the application and keep the fee. So, applications to AHPRA can now only really be started after the RACGP has finished….

We do have full details on how to arrange registration and we give support to our doctors by talking to the AMC / RACGP / AHPRA on their behalf, to help them through the system.

Thank you for the job offer; I am accepting the post as specialist doctor. I send in attachment the acceptance form and I shall send by post the rest of the documents as soon as possible.