Where to work as a GP in Australia? 

UPDATE: 1st June 2017. Good News!

The RACGP changes proposed in mid-April are likely to be delayed until mid-2018.

This means that for all GPs who are looking to move to Australia over the next 12 months, the existing, straightforward RACGP assessment system will remain in place. More information here

Australia directs incoming GPs to work in areas where there are shortages. The system is called DWS (District of Workforce Shortage) and for “ordinary” GP work, you’ll only get a Medicare billing number if you’re in one of these areas. (Medicare is the Australian version of the NHS). DWS GP jobs can be in suburban areas around the main cities (particularly around Perth in Western Australia) and in bigger towns in more rural areas. Usually, you’ll be within 1 hour of the city centre and sometimes a bit closer than this.  The exception is Sydney, where there are very few DWS areas within easy striking distance of the “CBD” (Central Business District).

There are a couple of exceptions to the DWS rules –  please email Paul Brooks if you’d like to know more

Usually, you’ll need to work in a DWS area for 10 years before being allowed to move freely within Australia. There is also a system based on AON (area of need), which is slightly different and more associated with rural / remote medicine – I can explain further if needed.

The DWS areas change over time (depending on supply of GPs), though usually once you’ve applied for a job, the DWS status gets guaranteed for a few months while you sort out your registration and visa. This map will give you up to date information on where the DWS areas are:  http://www.health.gov.au/internet/otd/publishing.nsf/Content/Locator

If you’re going to be classed as a Category 1 GP by the RACGP (see this page for more information: registration), then all of our DWS GP jobs are open to you. If you’re likely to be classed as Category 2, then we may still be able to help as one of our clients has openings for Category 2 GPs.

Perth and Western Australia

Perth is the one major city in Australia with DWS areas relatively close to the CBD (Central Business District). You can live and work within 30 minutes of the centre. Or you can be on the coast 40 minutes or so north or south of the Swan River.

Perth is a growth city and so there are quite a few GP jobs available. Would it suit you to work as a General Practitioner in Perth, Western Australia? Read on…

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Brisbane and Queensland

There are DWS GP jobs on the southern side of Brisbane, about 30 minutes or so from the CBD (Central Business District). On the north side, Caboolture and Morayfield, which are 45 minutes or so away are also options.

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia with a population of around 2 million. It is the capital of Queensland and situated in the south east corner of the state. Read on…

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Sydney and New South Wales

The main areas for jobs in New South Wales are on the coastal strip north and south of Sydney. Usually, these jobs are in urban areas and you’ll be able to live in a decent area and be within striking distance of Sydney. There are a couple of jobs in the southern outskirts of Sydney itself – about 45 mins to 1 hr from the CBD (Central Business District).

New South Wales is the most populous part of Australia with a total of 7 million (30% of the population). Read on

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Melbourne & Victoria

Melbourne has been a popular place for Brits going downunder. A busy, cosmopolitan city with good beaches and mountains nearby. There are usually only a few vacancies in the outer suburbs as most of Melbourne is non-DWS now. However, there are some great towns (and jobs) further afield in Victoria – in Ballarat and Wodongo

A cooler more temperate climate makes Melbourne seem closer to home (the UK) than other cities. Read on

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Other areas

See here for more information   on jobs in Darwin & Tasmania, Rural & Remote jobs, OOH and Non-DWS jobs

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