Lots of New GP Jobs in Australia

3rd July 2015.

We’ve got a lot of new GP jobs which we’ll be adding to the site over the next few days – particularly in Melbourne & surrounding parts of Victoria.

A practice owner of 9 clinics in Melbourne said to one of my colleagues that there is a real shortage of candidates.  He advertised in the local (Australian) medical press and didn’t get even one applicant.  It could be different in a few months, but for the moment, there are quite a few  opportunities now for UK, New Zealand & Irish trained GPs.

I just wanted to thank both you and Monique for finding me the perfect job. As I had already worked in WA I had a pretty good idea of where I wanted to be in Perth. However when I applied for an advertised job you went out of your way to find another position for me exactly where I wanted to live. I am now working the hours I want in a supportive practice, close to both my home and kids school. It has definitely been a good move.
Dr P. D.