Great BBC series on Australia

If you’re thinking of moving out to Australia, there’s a great travel series on the country called Australia with Simon Reeve. It’s in 3 x episodes, the first broadcast on Sunday 19th May. That one is available on iPlayer (until Sunday 9th June) and the next episode is on Sunday 26th May at 9:00pm

Working with Monique and Martina in Australia, (UK GP applying from New Zealand) made the laborious and pedantic process of applying for GP Fellowship and Australian registration much easier than trying to do this alone. It was still a long process but the team helped every step of the way, and were happy to liaise with the AMC, RACGP or AHPRA when needed. They worked hard to secure a good GP position for me, and overall I highly recommend and thank them for all their help in the process of relocating to Australia as a GP.
Dr U. M.