GP Jobs Market in Australia

Here’s the December 2013 update on the jobs market in Australia.

The main change this month is that parts of Sydney have become DWS again (District of Workforce Shortage). This has opened up a couple of new vacancies for us in north west Sydney (Mt Druitt and Blacktown). Both are busy areas in terms of patients and they look to be good areas to work in. This area is about 40 to 50 mins from Sydney CBD and it is also easy to get to the Blue Mountains national park.

There are still quite a few jobs in both Melbourne and Perth with employers keen to find doctors from the UK / Ireland / NZ. Perhaps there aren’t quite as many vacancies as in the past but areas such as Werribee to the west of Melbourne and Midland, east of Perth CBD are bright spots with new housing being developed, leading to vacancies for GPs

Brisbane doesn’t look so good – there are few genuine jobs within striking distance of the city and while there are vacancies on the Gold Coast (we have a raft of new ones available), they are only open to candidates who meet the non-DWS restrictions (basically Aussie doctors or non-Aussie doctors who’ve been registered by the AMC for 10 years or more).

Outside of the main cities, we’re hoping for some more news on rural jobs in the New Year – hopefully there will be opportunities for shorter term posts (6 to 12 months)

Other pointers:

  • It’s increasingly important to check on potential numbers of patients at the practices – particularly in Perth. We’ve had several doctors approach us looking for new jobs as their existing practice isn’t busy enough. Questions on patient numbers and how busy the other doctors are should be top of your list when you speak to potential employers
  • The registration process is still taking 5 to 6 months. As soon as one part speeds up (the AMC, for instance), another seems to slow down (AHPRA). The latter are particularly frustrating at the moment – particularly in Victoria. So, if you’re being held up in their system, don’t think they’re picking on you. It’s the same for everybody!
  • Most employers are keen on doctors who can commit to 40 hours per week and who are willing to work the occasional weekend as well as one evening per week.
  • Christmas is coming up and most practices and all the registration organisations close down for extended holidays. You won’t get much in the way of a response out of anybody from the end of next week (Dec 20th) until Jan 13th.
We are currently in Brisbane working, living and enjoying the ‘dream’. This road, which involved a fair amount of paperwork and lots of questions about the different applications i.e. AMC/RACGP/AHPRA would not have been possible without your knowledge and experience. Martina and particularly Lynn were also invaluable in the whole process. To have all of you answer the numerous questions I had all the way through the application process, no matter how trivial, was incredibly helpful. Can’t recommend the service provided high enough. Thanks to all.
Dr S. W.