GP Jobs in Australia – January 2019 update

Happy New Year. While it is currently just hovering above freezing here in Guildford, in Perth, it’s going to be about 30C this weekend….

We’re just waiting for the Immigration department to announce all of the changes to their visa rules. So far, the main one of interest is that permanent residents will be able to apply for a temporary parent visa. This’ll be valid for 3 or 5 years and renewable (up to a maximum of 10 years). There are going to be 15,000 available each year.

Vacancies: we have new jobs in the Melbourne area, with a client in London to see potential candidates at the end of February. Let me know if you’d like to meet them and I’ll make the arrangements.  Wollongong, south of Sydney has always been a good option for doctors wanting to move to NSW and a client there is looking for a GP. Perth also remains a hot spot for jobs, with vacancies both north and south of the Swan River.

Thank you for the job offer; I am accepting the post as specialist doctor. I send in attachment the acceptance form and I shall send by post the rest of the documents as soon as possible.