Getting paid

GP Jobs in Australia – your income via percentage of billings

The payment mechanism for GPs in Australia is quite complex – you are paid a commission based on the billings you do, which in turn is based on the number of patients / types of illness you see each month.cashregister

As a guide, you’re likely to bill around $400,000 to $430,000 to patients / Medicare in your first year and have gross earnings of over $250,000. Over subsequent years, this should build to $500,000, giving you an income of over  $300,000. This is based on a 40 hour week, 46 weeks of the year. If you choose to work more hours, then your income will rise pro-rata or more

Typically, you’ll be on a commission of 65% to 70%. It could be less but with a bonus or lump sum payment. Very occasionally, practices can offer more if they’re in a difficult to recruit area or are just starting off.

Different types of GP practices offer different deals. As a generalisation, corporately owned practices usually make a lump sum payment to doctors coming from overseas. They then offer a slightly lower percentage to compensate. Privately owned practices usually don’t have money available for a lump sum but can offer a slightly better percentage. Overall though the total amount you’ll get over, say, 3 years is roughly the same, whichever type of practice you work for. The figures are negotiable and do depend on how long a contract you’re willing to agree to.

We can give you a guide as to what should be on offer from the different GP practices in each State / City. However, as the clients sometimes have different terms depending on location and the Medicare arrangements for a particular practice, there is usually some final negotiating to be done on the final package. We are happy to assist with this.


Australia works on a progressive tax system.  The table below shows likely earnings post tax.  (Please note, these are estimates based on figures available from the Australian tax authorities.)

All figures are in Australian Dollars.  Here is an online free currency converter should you wish to change these figures to pounds:

Gross Income (AUD) Tax Percentage Net Income (AUD) Net Income/month (AUD)
$200,000 33% $133,450 $11,120
$210,000 34% $138,800 $11,566
$220,000 34% $144,150 $12,012
$230,000 35% $149,500 $12,458
$240,000 35% $154,850 $12,870
$250,000 36% $160,200 $13,350
$260,000 36% $165,550 $13,795
$270,000 37% $170,900 $14,241
$280,000 37% $176,250 $14,687
$290,000 37% $181,600 $15,133
$300,000 38% $186,950 $15,579
$310,000 38% $192,300 $16,025
$320,000 38% $197,650 $16,437
$330,000 38% $203,000 $16,916
$340,000 39% $208,350 $17,362
$350,000 39% $213,700 $17,808
$360,000 39% $219,050 $18,254
$370,000 39% $224,400 $18,700
$380,000 40% $229,750 $19,145
$390,000 40% $235,100 $19,591
$400,000 40% $240,450 $20,037
Myself & my family owe you & Monique a big thank you for getting us to Australia! We have now been here 3 months & loving it! It really is an awesome country. I have now been working as a GP in a health centre just north of Brisbane & really enjoy the job. A welcome change from my job in Glasgow. As you are aware Paul our journey to Oz was not easy & it took us over a year to get here. However your help, advice & support made it possible. I had many obstacles to overcome but you were always there with a email full of advice or a phone call to support me. Monique has also been amazing with all her support before we arrived & especially since we arrived in Australia. The road to Australia as a GP is not an easy one but it was made much more bearable with your support & advice. I honestly think without you we would have given up our dream. I now feel that you & Monique have become my friends & are much more than recruitment agents to me. Again a huge thank you again from myself & my family for helping us to get here & live our dream.
Dr E. M.