DWS – District of Workforce Shortage

DWS – District of Workforce Shortage

DWS - Australia

DWS – Australia

Australia directs incoming GPs to work in areas where there are shortages. The system is called DWS (District of Workforce Shortage) and for “ordinary” GP work, you’ll only get a Medicare billing number if you’re in one of these areas. (Medicare is the Australian version of the NHS).

Usually, you’ll need to work in a DWS area for 10 years before being allowed to move freely within Australia. There is also a system based on AON (area of need), which is slightly different and more associated with rural / remote medicine – I can explain further if needed

The DWS areas change over time (depending on supply of GPs). However, once you’ve accepted a job, the DWS status  in that area gets guaranteed for a few months while you sort out your registration and visa

This link will give you the up to date map of what areas are DWS. http://www.health.gov.au/internet/otd/publishing.nsf/Content/Locator  Click on the DWS layer in the box on the right hand side and then accept the T&Cs.  You can then input a town / city or just zoom in.

N.B. There are a couple of exceptions to these rules and we occasionally have jobs which use one or other of these exemptions. Please enquire for more details to [email protected]

Working with Monique and Martina in Australia, (UK GP applying from New Zealand) made the laborious and pedantic process of applying for GP Fellowship and Australian registration much easier than trying to do this alone. It was still a long process but the team helped every step of the way, and were happy to liaise with the AMC, RACGP or AHPRA when needed. They worked hard to secure a good GP position for me, and overall I highly recommend and thank them for all their help in the process of relocating to Australia as a GP.
Dr U. M.