December 2018 Update

Season’s Greetings to all. Here’s an update on jobs, registration and visas for UK & Irish GPs looking to move to Australia in 2019

Overall, there is still a buoyant jobs market, with vacancies near to all of the major cities. I’ve been talking to several clients over the past week or so – all are keen to recruit:

  • Sydney. Vacancies in the Penrith area (north west of the CBD (Central Business District) and Gregory Hills (south west)
  • NSW. Vacancies on the Central Coast, half way between Sydney and Newcastle. Also, south of Sydney in the Dapto area
  • Melbourne. Vacancies to the west & south west of the CBD. Plus one or two on the south east side
  • Adelaide. North of the CBD, there’s a very good vacancy with a well run clinic
  • Perth. Quite a few vacancies both north and south of the CBD (and east)
  • Brisbane / QLD. Vacancies to the south west of Brisbane (Ipswich area). Although not a DWS area, the clinic has an exemption available for a UK / Irish GP. There are then vacancies both between Brisbane and the Gold Coast (e.g. Redlands Bay) and on the Gold Coast itself
  • Tasmania. A great vacancy in Launceston, on the north of the Island. DWS etc and a fab lifestyle. Melbourne is an easy flight away if the bright lights beckon
  • More remote areas: Well paying jobs in rural areas of NSW, Victoria and Western Australia. Typically 3 – 6 hours from the capital city

Registration. The new RACGP registration process is now in operation. It is taking time for GPs to get processed but it seems to be working OK. Doctors will need to spend the first 6 months under supervision at the practice but clinics seem to be taking this in their stride.  There are new bureaucratic requirements for  Medicare registration (which comes right at the end of the process) but this is straightforward to deal with.

Visas. We’re not expecting any changes to the visa regime in January as the requirement for GPs is still strong. But you never know with the immigration department. Otherwise, as GPs are on the long term shortage list, 4 year, renewable visas are open to you – with the option of getting PR after you’ve started work.

PR (Permanent Residency). There has been some concern that the PR process has slowed down / become more challenging for GPs. However, I heard last week of GP who went to Australia in February has applied for and got his PR.  So, it looks to be still possible – albeit you’ll need all the points you can get for language / age etc.

As ever, please get in touch if you’d like to chat through about any of the jobs or the registration / visa side of things. My email address is [email protected] or call +44(0) 7950 029647

I just wanted to thank both you and Monique for finding me the perfect job. As I had already worked in WA I had a pretty good idea of where I wanted to be in Perth. However when I applied for an advertised job you went out of your way to find another position for me exactly where I wanted to live. I am now working the hours I want in a supportive practice, close to both my home and kids school. It has definitely been a good move.
Dr P. D.