Changes to the GP registration system by the RACGP

The RACGP is changing the way they process GP applications. This is being implemented from August 31st –  any applications submitted before then must be substantially complete by that date (and fully complete in terms of documentation by Sep 14th). Applications for the new system will be accepted from Sept 3rd
Below is a copy of the email being sent to doctors by the RACGP who have begun the application process. Please see our notes below about applicants who have yet to apply.
Dear Doctor, 
We are contacting you because you are currently in the process of applying for the Specialist Pathway Program (SPP).

The Specialist Pathway Program is closing
Following extensive review and consultation, the RACGP is closing the SPP. If you wish to continue applying to the SPP, please submit your completed application by Friday 31 August 2018. There will be a short grace period in which you may submit additional or clarifying information on your application in early September.

You can access your existing application via the SPP online portal. Once you have submitted your completed application, it will be assessed and you will be advised of your categorisation by the end of October 2018.
Candidates on the SPP who have been categorised and/or commenced the SPP pathway will continue under the existing SPP policies and processes until complete. Candidates whose applications are incomplete at the end of, or submitted after, the grace period, will not be categorised.
These candidates may apply to the new Specialist Recognition Program (SRP) instead.

What is the Specialist Recognition Program?
The SRP has been developed to be compliant with best practice and the Medical Board of Australia’s good practice guidelines. It includes improved education and support for specialist international medical graduates.
The SRP will replace the SPP.
Applications for the new SRP will open on Monday 3 September 2018.
For more information about the SRP transition, please visit the Specialist Pathway Program web page. Alternatively, call the RACGP on 1800 472 247 or email[email protected]
Kind regards
RACGP Fellowship Pathways
Education Services
What happens if you have not yet applied to the RACGP?
If you have a job and have yet to apply RACGP registration, then our advice would be to do so as soon as possible rather than wait for the new procedure. (Although we don’t have full details on the new process, it is very unlikely to be easier or less onerous…..)
For those doctors who are due to receive their CCT / MRCGP at the end of July / early August, then it should be possible to register prior to the deadline.
If your MRCGP certificate isn’t going to come before the end of August, then you will need to apply via the new  SRP programme.  There is some basic information here on this:
We are hopeful that the new system will be straightforward for UK trained GPs but they will be asking for a 6 month “Workplace Based Assessment”:

The following comes from the FAQs about the new SRP programme (I’ve included the information which we believe will apply to UK or Irish trained GPs with MRCGP  (MICGP if trained in Ireland). There are separate rules for doctors who don’t have MRCGP / MICGP:

What happens after I obtain FAEG?

Following award of FAEG Substantially Comparable, doctors must:

• commence work in an RACGP-approved comprehensive Australian general practice position within six calendar

months of obtaining FAEG

• complete six months’ FTE work within the first 12 calendar months of commencing work

• undertake education activities to help orient them to Australian general practice

• satisfactorily complete the workplace-based assessment (WBA) within six months’ FTE of commencing work.

After six months’ FTE work, an audit will be conducted by the RACGP:

• Compliant doctors will be issued with a Fellowship certificate and invited to graduate.

• Non-compliant doctors may be allowed further time to complete the requirements or may be required to

complete the WBA again, at the full discretion of the RACGP and at the cost of the doctor.

• Non-compliant doctors may be reported to the Medical Board of Australia for lack of compliance.

What is the workplace-based assessment?

The WBA will include:

• patient surveys

• supervisor/mentor reports

• a candidate self-reflection on the differences between practice in Australia and the country in which the

specialist medical degree was awarded

• developing a learning plan using the RACGP planning learning and need (PLAN) tool

• an RACGP peer reviewer visiting your practice.

Substantially Comparable doctors must complete the WBA within six months’ FTE of commencing work in

Australia. They may be required to complete an additional WBA if they do not meet the required standard.

Partially Comparable doctors must complete the WBA within six months’ FTE of commencing work in Australia.

Doctors who do not satisfactorily complete the WBA within six months’ FTE of commencing work must repeat the

assessment and may be subject to review before enrolling in the Fellowship examinations.

I think everything went well from my point of view and everyone was very welcoming and helpful, particularly Barbara. I gave her the dates that would be most convenient for me in case they need me.
The best option as I told you before would be for me just to come for no longer than a week per month.
Thanks for the offer from Dublin but I am afraid it would be not a good option for me.
Right now I am waiting for the first payment from Worcester.
Thank you for your help.