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Perth and Western Australia

29th November 2011 | Why Australia?

Perth & Western Australia A lot of our vacancies are around Perth in Western Australia and I thought it would be good to give some more background on this part of Australia. Western Australia is ten times the size of the UK but with a population of just 2.3million. 90% of its income comes from mining and petroleum. Most important is Iron Ore, accounting for 58% of exports. Next up is oil, then gold, alumina, coal and uranium. The economy is more closely linked with China than the west...

I think everything went well from my point of view and everyone was very welcoming and helpful, particularly Barbara. I gave her the dates that would be most convenient for me in case they need me.
The best option as I told you before would be for me just to come for no longer than a week per month.
Thanks for the offer from Dublin but I am afraid it would be not a good option for me.
Right now I am waiting for the first payment from Worcester.
Thank you for your help.