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AMC & RACGP registration

3rd February 2012 | Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP, Why Australia?

We’ve got some new advice about registration with the AMC & RACGP In the past, it’s been easy enough to wait for an offer of a job in Australia and then get everything ready for registration with the AMC & RACGP.  However, there’s now more pressure on jobs with many more candidates. To cap it all, the AMC is taking two months or more to do the initial screening of documents, the RACGP 1 month and the AHPRA another month -easily 4 months in total and potentially 5 or...

Australia Day

26th January 2012 | Why Australia?

Australia Day Australia day January 26th is Australia day and a national holiday. It celebrates the arrival of the British Navy in Sydney in 1788 and the proclamation of British Sovereignty over what was at that time called New Holland. It’s a major event with festivals, fetes and parties across the country. It is also an important day for Australian Citizenship ceremonies. But most of all it’s a day for a barbie, to wear blue watch some cricket, go to the beach, or just see the...

Doctor talks about his experiences as a migrant returning to Australia

23rd January 2012 | Why Australia?

Dr Charlie Teo was born in Australia, went to the USA to practice medicine, then came back to Australia in 2001. He is a neurosurgeon in Sydney. In his Australia Day address he talks about coming back to Australia with his family and what it’s like to be an immigrant. He writes well and with feeling.  See here for the report:

Focus on Perth, Western Australia

12th January 2012 | Why Australia?

Perth is a growth city and so there are quite a few GP jobs available. Would it suit you to work as a family doctor in Perth, Western Australia? Metropolitan Perth occupies a narrow strip of coastal land on the south west side of Australia. It extends from  Mindarie in the north to Mandurah in the south – roughly  55 miles from top to bottom. And about 20 miles inland. In the middle is the Swan River, which was the name for the original colony set up by the British in 1826 Perth is on the...

Christmas in Australia

19th December 2011 | Why Australia?

It’s looking like a cold, damp Christmas in the UK. Here’s the met office forecast: “Rather unsettled and often windy conditions expected across the northern half of the UK over the Christmas Weekend with early showers, some wintry, soon replaced by cloudier conditions with spells of rain and drizzle. Rain is likely to turn heavier and more persistent for a time later this weekend.” (correct at 13:00 on Monday 19th Dec). But in Perth, Australia, the forecast is 33 deg and sunny –...

Focus on Newcastle, New South Wales

13th December 2011 | Why Australia?

We’ve quite a few GP jobs in the Newcastle area. Would it be the right place for you? Newcastle is named after Newcastle in the north east of England and its early settlement by Europeans was as a penal colony – and a tough one at that. The coal mines in the area were worked by the convicts who’d fallen foul of the rules and regulations in other penal colonies elsewhere in Australia. By 1823 though, Newcastle was a free of the penal law and became a pioneer...

Life in Oz

9th December 2011 | Why Australia?

It’s a big decision to make to be a GP in Australia. Here’s a quick and rough guide to five major things to consider if you’re thinking whether it would be right for you and your family Money: You’re likely to earn between £130,000 to £200,000 per year. At this sort of level of income, taxes are lower too. You’ll have a pretty high disposable income. On the other side of the coin, there’s a bit of debate about the cost of living. It has gone up in recent years but...

Australian economy grows 1% in third quarter

7th December 2011 | Why Australia?

Just as the UK’s economy is hitting the buffers, Australia is still on track. Construction and mining are keeping Aussie heads well above water. They showed growth of 5% and 3.7% respectively. All this comes on top of a revised (upwards) growth figure of 2.4% for the 2nd quarter. Employment too looks brighter on the other side of the world. The jobless figure fell to 5.2% at the end of October By comparison the UK managed economic growth 0.2% in the second quarter and 0.5% in the third....

Australia – Great for children, the economy and being made to feel welcome

6th December 2011 | Why Australia?

Expats think Australia is one of the best places in the world great for children to grow up, according to a new survey by HSBC. It also scores highly for having a strong economy and for being welcoming to newly arrived expats. If you’re looking for a GP job in Australia, here’s a survey to get you thinking what it’ll be like out there: Australia ranked 6th on the overall Expats Experience league table It came 10th on Quality of Life league 1st in terms of children’s...

Living in Australia

30th November 2011 | Why Australia?

Thought I would give a quick mention to Bob in Oz. He runs a good website with lots of useful information on what it’s like to move to Australia / live in different parts of the country: Link is here:

I recently moved to Perth in Western Australia to start work as a General Practitioner. It was a daunting prospect initially, when searching for suitable posts, especially without having been to Australia before. The formal registration process appeared challenging and time-consuming to start with. However, during the process, I found Monique and Paul to be very supportive, providing reliable and accurate information when needed. I would highly recommend using their valuable insight to those contemplating the move in the near future.
Dr Arya