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New Year, new job in Australia?

3rd January 2013 | Why Australia?

Happy New Year to you all Here’s a quick round up of the jobs market in Australia as of January 3rd 2013. a) Western Australia. Quite a few jobs in Perth and Western Australia. These are quite close to the city centre (to the east) – about 20 to 30 mins from the CBD (central business district). There are also jobs on the coast – typically 40 mins north or south of the Swan River. There are several jobs further out from Perth (usually inland) and these pay well. Typically...

What does it cost to live in Australia

1st December 2012 | GP News, Why Australia?

New page added to the site with information on what it costs to live in Australia in general and Perth & Brisbane in particular:

Four Australian cities in the top ten

17th August 2012 | Why Australia?

Melbourne docks Adelaide, Perth & Sydney are all in the top ten of the best cities to live in across the world. But best of all, Melbourne is number 1 For GPs looking to work in Australia this is excellent news – we’ve got GP jobs in / around all of these cities. Brisbane didn’t fare too badly either – coming in at 20th. Rather controversially, London slipped down the list to 55th, despite the Olympics. Manchester is rated the UK’s best city at...

Lucky Australia

6th July 2012 | Why Australia?

The Big Pit, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia Australia has just recorded it’s 21st consecutive year of growth Perhaps it’s just good luck. Or perhaps good fortune to have huge deposits of iron ore, coal etc on China’s industrial doorstep? Whichever way you look at it, 21 years of consecutive growth is a world record. Leading the way was Western Australia with a quarterly growth rate of 8.4% last July, August & September. Next up was Queensland, which also had record growth Victoria...

New TV channel to help improve health in rural Australia

2nd July 2012 | Why Australia?

Australia has launched a new free-to-air TV channel on health matter to broadcast into remote areas The Rural Health Channel has been set up to bridge the health gap between urban and rural Australia. Designed for more remote areas, where there’s limited access to mainstream medical services, it will give out health education and information to people living in remote areas. Helen Craig from the Rural Health Education Foundation said: “For males, the latest figures show that the...

A Taste for Something New

23rd April 2012 | Why Australia?

The recent invitation to Doctor Apama Nedunuri to become an Australian citizen after emigrating from India with her husband and two children two years ago has gotten the locals of Ballan, Moorabool thinking.  Mrs Nedunuri has said that “she’d like to see more multiculturalism” because she thinks that more diverse shopping and cuisine options will open Ballan up to become a truly welcoming place for migrant workers.  In a recent article for Melton Weekly she said “I love the...

How’s the jobs market in Australia?

14th April 2012 | Why Australia?

As I write on 13th April 2012, there are still quite a few jobs around for GPs in Australia. But, the number is reducing – and there are fewer in the best locations. The last few weeks has seen quite a shift in the jobs market for GPs in Australia. There are very few jobs in Sydney or Brisbane. Even Perth, which until recently was a bright spot with lots of vacancies, has begun to fill up. Two main reasons: a) There are many more GPs looking to move to Australia – particularly...

New Zealand

24th March 2012 | Why Australia?

Off to see our new client in New Zealand today at the Working in Expo in London. Hope to find out more about the GP jobs in New Zealand. Next door to this expo is the Working in Canada hall, so I’m sure we’ll also get some more information about working there as well

More GPs being trained in Australia

1st March 2012 | GP News, Why Australia?

The Australian Medical Association announced last week that they had a record number of placements set up GP training 1,000 training places have been set up for 2012 Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program. These are set up by state as follows: NSW – 335 Vic – 225 Qld – 204 WA – 89 SA – 76 Tas – 28 NT – 26 ACT – 17 The president of the AMA, Dr Steve Hambleton, said that by 2014, there will be more than 3,700 students graduating from...

Timescales and start dates

10th February 2012 | Why Australia?

Timescales and start dates: There is some pressure on vacancies at the moment as there more candidates looking to go out to Australia. This has meant that employers are more interested in talking to doctors who can come sooner rather than later. However, this effect is patchy and depends on location (and to some extent on the employer – corporates are better at looking further ahead than privately owned practices). Our best estimate is the following: a) Melbourne & Victoria....

The move is working out brilliant for us. The work/life balance is everything we had hoped for. It took a little while for my income to get up to where I expected it to be, but we’re pretty much there now. Monique and Martina have been fantastic sorting out the provider number issues and the business with UWA and teaching medical students.
Dr J. M.