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Why work as a GP in Australia?

12th July 2017 | Why Australia?

There are many reasons why general practice in Australia is a better experience than working as a GP in the UK. As a GP in Australia, the benefits are huge, but not just financially. With the NHS coming under increasing strain, there is no better time to consider a job as a GP in Australia. Working as a GP in Australia – the workload As a GP in Australia, you’re in control of your workload. There is no “10 minute appointment” rule – GPs see patients on a next come /...

Applying for a GP job in Australia

30th June 2017 | Why Australia?

We understand that relocating to Australia can seem a little daunting, but it is a lot easier than you think! We break down the process from the very beginning, so you know exactly what to expect when applying for a GP job in Australia. Starting off & Timescales It is easiest to begin by looking for a suitable job in an area of the country you’re most interested in. The clinics know it will take quite a long time for you to get out to Australia to begin work, so they are prepared...

Getting to grips with the earnings for a GP in Australia

15th February 2017 | Why Australia?

Doctors notes The amount a GP earns in Australia is a subject of much discussion. Here’s our take on it, based on feedback from some of our clients across Australia Almost all GPs are paid on a “fee per service” system. This means that you get a proportion of the income generated each time a patient comes to see you. Usually, the “percentage of billings”, as it’s called, is around 65% to 70%. Thus earnings are not set – but you do earn in direct proportion to the number of...

Seven of Australia’s Best Secret Beaches

18th January 2017 | Why Australia?

Australia’s best secret beaches: Where comes up on top? With the temperature here in Guildford at a chilly – 4.5C, there’s a timely article in the Telegraph listing their seven best secret beaches in Australia. At number seven is Point Sir Isaac in South Australia: Number six are the Friendly Beaches, Tasmania           Number 5 is Kitty Miller Beach, Phillip Island, Victoria               Number 4 is Shark...

The Art of Australia

8th December 2016 | Why Australia?

BBC Radio 4 programme about the Art of Australia – a look at the cultural life of Australia. Presented by Corin Throsby, the series looks at the development of the cultural heritage of Australia and the influence of both Aboriginal culture and recent immigrants. The first two episodes are on BBC iPlayer: And Episode 2: Australia Day

Review of property prices in Australia

28th November 2016 | Why Australia?

Here’s a common sense review of the property market across Australia: It makes interesting reading – Perth will continue to cool but prices in Sydney and Melbourne will increase slowly.      

Melbourne – a Doctor’s Perspective

21st December 2013 | Why Australia?

An email from a doctor whom we helped get a new job in Melbourne: “Hi Paul, Thanks for your email. I’m sitting in my consulting room as I write this! All is going well. We have been here 6 weeks now and I started work last Monday. The staff are lovely and I’m enjoying it so far. It will take some time to get used to the Medicare system, but I am learning quickly! We moved to an apartment in Docklands 2 weeks ago, which is really well placed for work and enjoying the city. My...

Bulk billing versus Mixed Billing

24th June 2013 | Why Australia?

Checking out the chart We’re often asked a) what does this mean and b) which is is the best one to go for, if you’re UK or Irish GP Here’s a quick guide. Bulk-billing.This is where the practice accepts patients with Medicare cards and agrees to bill the government for the treatment the practice provides. Each patient is logged in, their card checked and then, when the patient has had a consultation or chargeable treatment, the practice bills the government for the time...

Official – Australia is the best place to live in the world

28th May 2013 | Why Australia?

Fireworks over Sydney Opera House The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) has just produced its Better Life Index. Australia tops the list. A strong performance in health and housing, along with a decent life expectancy (82 years) got Australia to the number one slot. The UK came 10th, ahead of France and Germany out of a list of 34 industrialised nations. More information here: and...

Great BBC series on Australia

21st May 2013 | Why Australia?

If you’re thinking of moving out to Australia, there’s a great travel series on the country called Australia with Simon Reeve. It’s in 3 x episodes, the first broadcast on Sunday 19th May. That one is available on iPlayer (until Sunday 9th June) and the next episode is on Sunday 26th May at 9:00pm

I would strongly recommend Paul Brooks and Monique to GP’s and other relevant health professionals contemplating a move to Australia. After having contacted at least five different agencies dealing with GP’s relocating from the UK to Australia, Monique and Paul Brooks took the top spot in terms of understanding my requirements especially with the type of position my wife and I were looking for, the workings of the Australian Health Care, the paperwork involved, Immigration requirements, adjusting to the Aussie lifestyle etc. Their consistent help throughout the 10-12 month period prior to the move is definitely worth mentioning. They helped us settle on arrival in Australia and made our relocation process a smooth transition, especially as we had no prior local contacts. Now in Australia for a year I could not have entrusted my relocation to a better team. I would give them a 10/10 and wish them immense success in the future.
Dr D. V.