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Australia to be short of 2,500 doctors and 110,000 nurses by 2025

12th May 2012 | GP News

Despite strenuous efforts to both train doctors within Australia and recruit doctors from overseas, Australia is expected to be short of 2,700 doctors and 110,000 nurses by 2025 The numbers sound huge but it is not all that surprising. Australia’s population is growing quite quickly as immigrants arrive to help with the growth in Australian industry. Add to this the traditionally low number of doctors trained in Australia and an increasing healthcare requirement and you have  picture...

DWS Restrictions to Change?

2nd May 2012 | GP News

A Federal Government Committee has recently requested the Australian Medical Association (AMA) to review the requirements of overseas doctors working in Australia.  Currently, overseas doctors are required to work for ten years in DWS areas before they are allowed to move to the cities.  GP Brian Connor, who wasn’t trained or born in Australia, told ABC Online that he opposes the idea as he thinks that without this regulation citizens in the rural areas of Australia will be deprived of...

GPs Go Viral as Patients Log In To ‘Virtual GP Practices’ Using Cloud Computing

23rd April 2012 | GP News

A GP practice in Western Victoria has begun to use cloud based computing as a way to treat patients.  Patients can log in to a virtual GP office and be diagnosed online without the need to travel to the practice.  Although some healthcare providers are cautious about incorporating cloud based health care due to insufficient evidence as to whether it is cost effective, it certainly is making healthcare more accessible for those who may be unable to reach their practice safely.  More...

New iPhone app and website to help Australians get help for skin cancer

5th March 2012 | GP News

Melanoma 2 out of 3 Australians are expected to get skin cancer by the time they are 70, according to Cancer Council ACT – mainly due to the high levels of UV radiation throughout the year and having fair skin ( To help counteract this, LEO Pharma A/S has developed both an iPhone App and a new website to help worried patients. The app allows patients to track and compare any skin damage, with a photo bank and reminder service. Then,...

More GPs being trained in Australia

1st March 2012 | GP News, Why Australia?

The Australian Medical Association announced last week that they had a record number of placements set up GP training 1,000 training places have been set up for 2012 Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program. These are set up by state as follows: NSW – 335 Vic – 225 Qld – 204 WA – 89 SA – 76 Tas – 28 NT – 26 ACT – 17 The president of the AMA, Dr Steve Hambleton, said that by 2014, there will be more than 3,700 students graduating from...

Flying Doctors travel by Christmas train

20th December 2011 | GP News

Away from the glitz and consumption, Australia brings out its charitable heart at Christmas. Amongst all the different events, I thought this linked nicely with GP Jobs in Australia: Flying doctors travel by Christmas train – for charity: Indian and Pacific Railways runs trains all the way from Sydney to Perth. At Christmas, they have a Santa special which raises money for charity. This year, the charity is the Flying Doctors service. The Santa special takes 3 days and nights to cross...

Over 50 GP vacancies each year in rural South Australia

5th December 2011 | GP Job Updates, GP News

The Adelaide Now website has just published a story about the severe shortage of GPs in rural South Australia Such is the shortage of GPs, some patients are waiting more than 5 weeks to get an appointment. The Rural Doctors Workforce Agency report, commissioned by Country Health SA says that due to upcoming retirements and icnreasing demand, the state health authorities will need to recruit over 50 GPs per year to maintain health care at an acceptable standard. Let us know if you’d be...

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