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How many GPs does Australia need?

30th September 2013 | GP News

A recent study by the Centre for Popular and Urban Research (CPUR) at Monash University has come out with a controversial report which concludes that there are now too many GPs in Australia.  They cite as evidence that the numbers of GPs in outer suburban and rural areas are now roughly the same (in terms of numbers per 100,000 of patients – around 105 (from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Medical Workforce 2010) as inner city areas. The issue for Australia is that...

Melbourne is Top of the Pops

29th August 2013 | GP News

Panoramic view of Melbourne The Economist Intelligence Unit has awarded Melbourne top spot for the third year in a row in a report ranking the140 most liveable cities in the world.  Good healthcare, education and culture, along with one of the lowest crime rates, were just some of the reasons why Melbourne scored top marks in the 2013 rankings (97.5/100 to be precise).  Melbourne, as well as beating off three other Australian cities (Perth, Adelaide and Sydney) snuck the top spot from...

Today programme report – GPs going to Australia, Canada and New Zealand

15th August 2013 | GP News

A recent feature on the Today programme on 7th August addressed the issue of UK GPs moving to primarily Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Two GPs were interview, one who had moved to Australia 6 months ago and one, still working in Peterborough but who was seriously considering moving to Canada.  Both gave the same universal reasons for wanting to move; they were tired of being slated by the press and general public who, they say, complain constantly that they are overpaid and do little...

A quarter of Australians have to wait more than 24 hrs for an urgent GP appointment

6th June 2013 | GP News

A recent report by the Council of Australian Governments Reform Council highlights the difficulty Australians are finding in getting access to urgent GP care. 24% of respondents in the 2011 – 2012 survey said that they were having to wait 24 hours or longer to see a GP for an urgent matter. This is up from 11% in 2010 -2011. This reinforces our view that Australia still needs GPs from the UK and Ireland to help provide Primary Care to the growing population across Australia Data...

British & Irish Lions now in Perth.

4th June 2013 | GP News

For all rugby fans, the British & Irish Lions are now in Perth and due to play the Emirates Western Force on Wednesday, June 5th at the Paterson’s Stadium in Perth

UK GPs who trained via “equivalent experience” and the RACGP

15th May 2013 | GP News, Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

GP Training UK doctors who trained as GPs via “equivalent experience” as opposed to “prescribed experience” will now be assessed individually by the RACGP and may get either Category 1 or Category 2 status. This affects doctors whose UK training was not completed as part of a recognised training scheme but who have successfully gained GP registration on the basis that all of their experience was equivalent to the formal training programme. Summary notes to help assess...

Information for UK GPs looking to work in Australia – the RACGP has clarified their requirements for registration

8th May 2013 | GP News, Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

Traveling Working Doctor The RACGP has clarified it’s position vis a vis the qualifications fo UK trained GPs. After the sudden change in late January to not accept IMAP MRCGP, the RACGP has now listed all the various qualifications and the way in which they will treat them in respect of which category they will give you. This is the table: UK doctors The RACGP only accepts applications as Category 1 for doctors who achieved their MRCGP qualification via examination, combined with the...

How important is the “percentage of billings” when considering a job in Australia?

2nd May 2013 | GP News

Doctors notes The remuneration for the majority of jobs in Australia is based on you getting a “percentage of billings” (a proportion of the bill, patients and or the government pay for your consultation). A lot of clients and candidates focus on this “percentage” for a particular job. And on the face of it, it looks like if you go for a job with a higher percentage of billings, you’ll earn more money. In practice, it’s not as easy as that – and you may well end up earning more...

Ongoing shortages of GPs in rural and regional areas in Australia

1st May 2013 | GP News

There’s been a United General Practice Australia (UGPA) meeting in Canberra recently, where GP leaders and organisations like the RACGP discussed the future of GP work in Australia. Two key discussions of relevance to UK and Irish GPs thinking of going to Australia: According to the HWA 2025 report, geographic distribution of the GP workforce is unbalanced and means ongoing shortages in rural and regional areas The most recent Medical Workforce 2011 report released by the Australian...

What does it cost to live in Australia

1st December 2012 | GP News, Why Australia?

New page added to the site with information on what it costs to live in Australia in general and Perth & Brisbane in particular:

Thank you very much for all information you sent to me.
Just to let you know, that I have already booked a flight to Belfast city on Sunday 11.05.2008.
Should be there at about 13.00 then probably will take a train.