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New Visa system for GPs going to Australia

23rd March 2018 | GP News, Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP, Uncategorized

Visa Application Information – TSS – 482 Visa The new Visa system for GPs going to work in Australia came into force on March 18 2018 The below information is general information and does not constitute formal migration advice. It may be helpful to use a registered migration agent for advice on any issues you may have applying for your visa. Please contact us if you would like the details of our recommended registered migration agent. (N.B. This will be particularly useful if you and...

What types of GP practice are there in Australia?

28th July 2017 | GP News

What types of GP practice are there in Australia? When considering relocating to Australia to work as a GP, many GPs come to us asking: What types of GP practice are there in Australia? The answer is, there are several different types of GP practices in Australia. It is important to know what type of surgery suits you best in order to find the right GP job for you. Traditional GP Practice Typically made up of one or a small group of physicians. If you prefer a slightly slower pace of...

“2,000 GPs to be recruited from overseas for the UK” How does it compare with Australia’s experience?

24th July 2017 | GP News

The NHS has revised its plans for overseas recruitment of GPs and is now going to be looking for 2,000 GPs from overseas to come to the UK. In a recent interview with Simon Stevens, the head of the NHS, he said that the NHS would need to quadruple their original target of 500. It looks like they will be expanding the countries they’ll be recruiting from too. As well as looking for doctors within the EU, Mr Stevens mentioned Australia and New Zealand as targets The plan is all part of the...

Good News! Changes to the RACGP system delayed

1st June 2017 | GP News

Good News! Changes to the RACGP system delayed until mid 2018 The RACGP system and the Australian immigration department announced plans in April to change the way in which UK and Irish GPs become registered to work in Australia.  We’ve now heard that the RACGP has decided to delay the changes. The plan now is to introduce the changes over several months, starting in July 2018 and being completed in January 2019. Here is a brief summary of what we think theses changes will...

Important Changes to Both the RACGP Registration Process and the Visa System

19th April 2017 | GP News, Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

The RACGP and the Australian immigration department are planning some major changes to how UK and Irish GPs get to work in Australia over the next few months. We expect these changes to make a significant difference to how easy or other wise it is to get to work in Australia Here is a brief summary of what we think theses changes will mean: RACGP Changes The RACGP is planning a new two stage process to be introduced in the third quarter of this year – so at any point from 1st July. The...

Work Visas for Australia

16th December 2016 | GP News

There have been several stories recently saying that the Visa system for Australia is tightening up and that GPs will be taken off the skilled occupations list. I’ve copied the following from the FT: “The 15 positions facing deletion from the skilled occupations list include general practitioner, anaesthetist, paediatrician and cardiologist. Removing these occupations would block foreign doctors from applying for entry to Australia via independent or family sponsored points tested...

Qantas to introduce non-stop flights to Perth

12th December 2016 | GP News

Qantas is planning non-stop flights from London to Perth. Beginning in March 2018, the flights will take 17 hours It’s a 9000 mile journey and it will become the longest non-stop scheduled passenger flight. Qantas will use their Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 planes, carrying 236 passengers Current flights typically take 20 hours plus with a stop in Qatar or Dubai   More information via the BBC website:

Visa Rules are not Changing for UK GPs

10th August 2016 | GP News

Report from the online newsletter – Australian Doctor. No move to end visas for IMGs Paul Smith | 9 August, 2016 | 0 comments Read Later There are no plans to stop bringing IMGs into the country to fill workforce holes, despite claims the Federal Department of Health wants to end work visas for overseas-trained doctors. Media reports suggest the health department has called for 41 health roles — including GPs, resident medical ­officers, surgeons and anaesthetists — to be removed...

Update on the Visa system for GPs going to work in Australia

29th July 2016 | GP News

We’ve had news of some significant changes to the visa system for GPs going to work in Australia. This affects the 457 business visa (see below for explanation of the 457 visa) processing: The Department of Immigration are reducing their staffing numbers to save money. However, the application numbers remain the same if not more than ever We are currently waiting for about 40 days for an application just to be allocated to a Case Officer The immigration department now require...

DWS changes in February 2016

15th March 2016 | GP News

The DWS map changed in early February 2016 and has opened up some new areas for vacancies, while closing others down. This has a direct impact on where you can work in Australia as the “DWS” or “non-DWS” status of a vacancy determines whether UK, Irish & NZ trained GPs can work there (there are some exceptions, covered in this article: here  Look under 19ab, DWS & non DWS) Background: DWS stands for District of Workforces Shortage and is mechanism used to...

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