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New Visa system for GPs going to Australia

23rd March 2018 | GP News, Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP, Uncategorized

Visa Application Information – TSS – 482 Visa The new Visa system for GPs going to work in Australia came into force on March 18 2018 The below information is general information and does not constitute formal migration advice. It may be helpful to use a registered migration agent for advice on any issues you may have applying for your visa. Please contact us if you would like the details of our recommended registered migration agent. (N.B. This will be particularly useful if you and...

Potential threat to 457 working visas for GPs going to work in Australia

7th December 2017 | Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

The RACGP has recently published their consultation on Skilled Migration Occupation Lists (the jargon term for which type of skilled person is eligible for an Australian work visas). They’ve asked that overseas-trained GPs be taken off the medium and long term shortage list (MLTSSL) – from January 2018. (The MLTSSL is the “best” list to be on as it gives access to both long term work visas and the option of Permanent Residency. The other list, the short-term shortage occupation list...

Important Changes to Both the RACGP Registration Process and the Visa System

19th April 2017 | GP News, Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

The RACGP and the Australian immigration department are planning some major changes to how UK and Irish GPs get to work in Australia over the next few months. We expect these changes to make a significant difference to how easy or other wise it is to get to work in Australia Here is a brief summary of what we think theses changes will mean: RACGP Changes The RACGP is planning a new two stage process to be introduced in the third quarter of this year – so at any point from 1st July. The...

New AMC, RACGP & AHPRA Registration Process

24th October 2014 | GP News, Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

The AMC and RACGP introduced a new way of registering overseas GPs on July 1st 2014. We’ve spent the past few months understanding the system and ironing out a few wrinkles in how it works. In brief, you now have to apply separately to both organisations. The AMC handles EICS / ECFMG verification of your primary medical degree and specialist qualification (eg MRCGP – not your CCT). EICS / ECFMG is a worldwide mechanism for verification and recognition of graduate / post graduate...

UK GPs who trained via “equivalent experience” and the RACGP

15th May 2013 | GP News, Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

GP Training UK doctors who trained as GPs via “equivalent experience” as opposed to “prescribed experience” will now be assessed individually by the RACGP and may get either Category 1 or Category 2 status. This affects doctors whose UK training was not completed as part of a recognised training scheme but who have successfully gained GP registration on the basis that all of their experience was equivalent to the formal training programme. Summary notes to help assess...

Information for UK GPs looking to work in Australia – the RACGP has clarified their requirements for registration

8th May 2013 | GP News, Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

Traveling Working Doctor The RACGP has clarified it’s position vis a vis the qualifications fo UK trained GPs. After the sudden change in late January to not accept IMAP MRCGP, the RACGP has now listed all the various qualifications and the way in which they will treat them in respect of which category they will give you. This is the table: UK doctors The RACGP only accepts applications as Category 1 for doctors who achieved their MRCGP qualification via examination, combined with the...

Update on iMAP MRCGP

21st February 2013 | Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

20th Feb 2013: The RACGP has updated their advice for UK doctors who received MRCGP via iMAP. They are still in discussions with the RCGP in London as to the whether the qualification will be accepted long term. However, while these discussions are still going on, the RACGP now says that they will accept applicants with iMAP MRCGP as Category 1, provided the documentation has been received by them by March 31st 2013. There is more information...

Important information for GPs with iMAP MRCGP

5th February 2013 | Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

The RACGP has recently changed its view on how they will categorise UK GPs who hold MRCGP via iMAP. iMAP MRCGP has been available for the past 5 years, and, in accordance with the guidelines issued by the RCGP in London, has been treated by the RACGP as equivalent to the examined MRCGP in its categorisation process for UK GPs. On 4th February 2013, the RACGP announced that they have only now become aware of this qualification route and have decided that applicants with MRCGP iMAP, who apply...

GP Jobs Market in December 2012

12th December 2012 | GP Job Updates, Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

Here’s a brief update on the jobs market in Australia in December 2012 Still a wide range of vacancies in Perth, Western Australia. There are jobs both north and south of the Swan River – some not too far from the ocean. If you want to be busy and have a city lifestyle, this is the best destination Brisbane and Queensland. We have several good vacancies on the south side of the city centre. These all involve getting a DWS exemption for you. However, we’ve got several going...

The RACGP has a new President

12th September 2012 | GP News, Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) has just announced a new President – Dr Elizabeth (Liz) Marles is now President-elect. Dr Marles will be the 26th President of the RACGP when she takes over from Professor Claire Jackson who has led the College since 2010. Dr Marles is a practising GP in Hornsby NSW. She said “It is a great honour to be elected RACGP President for the period 2012–2014 at a time when primary care is seen as the future for managing...

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