Lots of New GP Jobs in Australia

3rd July 2015 | GP Job Updates

3rd July 2015. We’ve got a lot of new GP jobs which we’ll be adding to the site over the next few days – particularly in Melbourne & surrounding parts of Victoria. A practice owner of 9 clinics in Melbourne said to one of my colleagues that there is a real shortage of candidates.  He advertised in the local (Australian) medical press and didn’t get even one applicant.  It could be different in a few months, but for the moment, there are quite a...

Visit to a GP clinic in the Huntingdale area, south Perth

3rd June 2015 | GP News

One of our colleagues visited a client in the Huntingdale area, south of Perth. They’re busy & looking for a couple of GPs from the UK or Ireland. This is her report: Joe’s a really lovely guy and he’s had a tough go of getting doctors in – they did recruit two GPs a few months ago but one had to return to the UK due to a family emergency and the other just wasn’t right for the clinic. I sat down with him and the practice manager for probably 2 hours discussing the...

New jobs in New South Wales

27th March 2015 | GP Job Updates

We’ve got some new jobs in New South Wales, in the following locations: Baulkham Hills (north west of the CBD) Campsie (west Sydney) Darlinghurst (near CBD) Ingleburn (south west Sydney) Dapto (near Wollongong – about 1hr 30mins south of Sydney) Maroubra (near the CBD, on the coast) Leichardt (near to the CBD) Hurstville (near to the CBD) Blacktown (north west Sydney) N.B. CBD is Central Business District Even though most of these jobs are in non-DWS areas, they are open to UK,...

New DWS areas

2nd February 2015 | GP News

On Feb 2nd 2015, Medicare in Australia made some major changes to the DWS map (see here for an explanation on DWS: http://www.gpjobsinaustralia.co.uk/dws-district-workforce-shortage/). In broad terms, these are the winners and losers: Queensland. A lot of new suburbs around Brisbane have now become DWS. We’re expecting to have quite a few new jobs in these areas over the coming weeks NSW: Most of Sydney is now not DWS – of the jobs we have, only the ones in the Sutherland region...

New jobs added to the site

30th January 2015 | GP Job Updates

We’ve added a lot of new jobs to the site: In Perth, we have jobs both north and south of the river In Melbourne, there are new jobs to the west and north of the CBD (central business district) And there are more jobs to go on in NSW and around Brisbane – these should be loaded up by Monday 2nd Feb

Changes to Medicare Payments for GPs

14th January 2015 | GP News

UPDATE 15 JANUARY 2015. The short appointment (10 minute) change has been abandoned. This means that the fee will remain the same for short appointments (the plan was that the fee would have been cut from $37.05 to $16.05. This part of the changes has been abandoned. Link here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-01-15/medicare-government-shelves-propsosed-rebate-cut-changes/6018990  Changes to the Medicare rules – posted Wednesday January 14th Australia has announced some changes to the...

Welcome to the New Year, 2015

2nd January 2015 | GP News

Happy New Year to you all 2014 was a great year for us, with lots of UK GPs starting a new job in Australia. We’re looking forward to 2015 being even better.  There are still quite a few vacancies in Sydney, Melbourne & Perth and one or two in Brisbane and Adelaide. In early January, we’re expecting some new vacancies for mid-2015 start (ie ready for the Australian winter). The crinkles in the new rules for registration via the RACGP are slowly being ironed out and it is...

New GP job in Rockingham, Perth, Western Australia

27th November 2014 | GP Job Updates

We’ve received details of a new vacancy in a DWS area north east of Rockinghm (on the road to Perth).  More details here: http://www.gpjobsinaustralia.co.uk/vacancies/wa83-gp-near-rockingham-perth/

Top 5 GP Vacancies in Australia for November 2014

31st October 2014 | GP News

We’ve chosen these 5 vacancies on the basis of the clients being keen and active to recruit – and because they’re busy places where you’ll settle in quickly Yanchep, north of Perth. This is a busy practice – there’s always a queue of patients – which is being extended to add an extra 4 consulting rooms. Doctors who work in this area often choose to live in somewhere like Joondalup and commute out. This gives the best of both worlds – city for the lifestyle and...

New AMC, RACGP & AHPRA Registration Process

24th October 2014 | GP News, Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

The AMC and RACGP introduced a new way of registering overseas GPs on July 1st 2014. We’ve spent the past few months understanding the system and ironing out a few wrinkles in how it works. In brief, you now have to apply separately to both organisations. The AMC handles EICS / ECFMG verification of your primary medical degree and specialist qualification (eg MRCGP – not your CCT). EICS / ECFMG is a worldwide mechanism for verification and recognition of graduate / post graduate...

We are currently in Brisbane working, living and enjoying the ‘dream’. This road, which involved a fair amount of paperwork and lots of questions about the different applications i.e. AMC/RACGP/AHPRA would not have been possible without your knowledge and experience. Martina and particularly Lynn were also invaluable in the whole process. To have all of you answer the numerous questions I had all the way through the application process, no matter how trivial, was incredibly helpful. Can’t recommend the service provided high enough. Thanks to all.
Dr S. W.