New Facebook Page

28th November 2016 | Company News

we’ve re-launched our Facebook page: GP Jobs in Australia Facebook Over the next few weeks, we’ll some more content about the jobs we have and working in Australia  

A couple of new jobs have come in this week

23rd November 2016 | GP Job Updates

Two new jobs this week so far: Wagga Wagga. This is a big town / city of 56,000 people halfway between Sydney and Melbourne. A privately owned clinic is looking for a new GP to join them. It’s a busy practice and they’re offering 70% of billings. Other doctors there have been billing up to $500,000 per year, giving an income of up to $350,000 Central Coast. In the San Remo / Buff Point area. This is about 50km south of Newcastle and about 100km north of Sydney (good fast roads to...

We’ve added vacancies in Sydney, Gold Coast and Melbourne

17th November 2016 | GP Job Updates

We’ve three new vacancies available for UK, Irish and New Zealand trained GPs. Sydney. A new practice being opened in early 2017 in the Marsden Park area, north west of the CBD (Central Business District). Up to 70% of billings: Sydney Gold Coast. An existing practice which is expanding in the New Year and looking for more GPs to help with a heavy case load. Up to 70% of billings: Gold Coast Melbourne. An existing practice south east of Melbourne, good location with high patient...

More vacancies in Perth than any other part of Australia

26th October 2016 | GP Job Updates

We’ve got some new vacancies in Perth and they’ll be going up on the site in the next day or two. Perth is still very busy from a GP point of view. There are probably more vacancies in Perth for GPs than in the rest of Australia put together. It may seem hard to understand why this is so. After all, most of Australia, including Perth is having a breather from the growth of the past few years – though not actually in recession. In theory the number of GP jobs is linked to the...

New GP Vacancies

29th August 2016 | GP Job Updates

We’ve got some new vacancies going up on the site in the next few days. Perth: 2 x vacancies in north Perth Melbourne: 3 x new vacancies to the west / north west of the city New South Wales: a new vacancy in Dapto Adelaide: 2 x vacancies on the north side of the city

Visa Rules are not Changing for UK GPs

10th August 2016 | GP News

Report from the online newsletter – Australian Doctor. No move to end visas for IMGs Paul Smith | 9 August, 2016 | 0 comments Read Later There are no plans to stop bringing IMGs into the country to fill workforce holes, despite claims the Federal Department of Health wants to end work visas for overseas-trained doctors. Media reports suggest the health department has called for 41 health roles — including GPs, resident medical ­officers, surgeons and anaesthetists — to be removed...

Update on the Visa system for GPs going to work in Australia

29th July 2016 | GP News

We’ve had news of some significant changes to the visa system for GPs going to work in Australia. This affects the 457 business visa (see below for explanation of the 457 visa) processing: The Department of Immigration are reducing their staffing numbers to save money. However, the application numbers remain the same if not more than ever We are currently waiting for about 40 days for an application just to be allocated to a Case Officer The immigration department now require...

New Vacancies Added to the Site (20 May 2016)

20th May 2016 | GP Job Updates

We’ve added some new vacancies to the site today: Queensland: Gold Coast, Robina & Helensvale, Nerang, Merrimac, Morayfield & Sunshine Coast

Jobs update for May 2016

12th May 2016 | GP Job Updates

Here’s my current take on the Australian jobs market for UK / Irish / NZ trained GPs: There are still good jobs to be had in most of the major urban areas. The possible exception is Sydney, where we have only one type of vacancy in the city centre itself (Sydney vacancies). The area with the most vacancies is Perth, on the west coast. We have jobs both north and south of the Swan River – and in the lovely Margaret River area Melbourne has some vacancies – mainly on the west...

New GP Job on the Central Coast, NSW

14th April 2016 | GP Job Updates

We’ve a new vacancy for a UK or Irish trained GP. It is on the Central Coast, about 65 miles north of Sydney:

First of all, let me thank you for the very kind and warm way of welcoming me at the interview. You have put a lot of energy in helping me with all aspects of my trip there and made me be at ease with the “solemnity” of this interview.
The hotel stay and the journey back were ok and rather uneventful.
Thank you for updating me on the process of getting a work permit since I am completely unfamiliar with it, but, I’m sure, for you it is a piece of cake so I rest assured that everything will work fine.