Good News! Changes to the RACGP system delayed

1st June 2017 | GP News

Good News! Changes to the RACGP system delayed until mid 2018 The RACGP system and the Australian immigration department announced plans in April to change the way in which UK and Irish GPs become registered to work in Australia.  We’ve now heard that the RACGP has decided to delay the changes. The plan now is to introduce the changes over several months, starting in July 2018 and being completed in January 2019. Here is a brief summary of what we think theses changes will...

Important Changes to Both the RACGP Registration Process and the Visa System

19th April 2017 | GP News, Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

The RACGP and the Australian immigration department are planning some major changes to how UK and Irish GPs get to work in Australia over the next few months. We expect these changes to make a significant difference to how easy or other wise it is to get to work in Australia Here is a brief summary of what we think theses changes will mean: RACGP Changes The RACGP is planning a new two stage process to be introduced in the third quarter of this year – so at any point from 1st July. The...

New GP vacancies in outer Melbourne and Newcastle, NSW

9th March 2017 | GP Job Updates

Here at GP Jobs we continue to list the most up to date GP vacancies in Australia. We have recently updated our GP job vacancies in outer Melbourne, Newcastle, NSW. Please see the links below for further details on each individual vacancy. We’ve added a couple of new jobs to the site today. One in the Cranbourne area, south east of Melbourne: Melb7 Mount Martha’s Beach from the local tourist authority Mornington Peninsula       The other is in Newcastle, NSW:...

Getting to grips with the earnings for a GP in Australia

15th February 2017 | Why Australia?

Doctors notes The amount a GP earns in Australia is a subject of much discussion. Here’s our take on it, based on feedback from some of our clients across Australia Almost all GPs are paid on a “fee per service” system. This means that you get a proportion of the income generated each time a patient comes to see you. Usually, the “percentage of billings”, as it’s called, is around 65% to 70%. Thus earnings are not set – but you do earn in direct proportion to the number of...

Three new GP Vacancies in Australia

8th February 2017 | GP Job Updates

GP vacancies in Australia Here at GP Jobs we continue to list the most up to date GP vacancies in Australia. We have recently updated our GP job vacancies Western Australia, Queensland and Adelaide. Please see the links below for further details on each individual vacancy. We’ve added three new vacancies today: Western Australia: A job in the Rockingham area. (no longer available) Queensland: A job very close to the city centre (CBD). QLD2 Adelaide: A job on the north side of the city...

Seven of Australia’s Best Secret Beaches

18th January 2017 | Why Australia?

Australia’s best secret beaches: Where comes up on top? With the temperature here in Guildford at a chilly – 4.5C, there’s a timely article in the Telegraph listing their seven best secret beaches in Australia. At number seven is Point Sir Isaac in South Australia: Number six are the Friendly Beaches, Tasmania           Number 5 is Kitty Miller Beach, Phillip Island, Victoria               Number 4 is Shark...

Work Visas for Australia

16th December 2016 | GP News

There have been several stories recently saying that the Visa system for Australia is tightening up and that GPs will be taken off the skilled occupations list. I’ve copied the following from the FT: “The 15 positions facing deletion from the skilled occupations list include general practitioner, anaesthetist, paediatrician and cardiologist. Removing these occupations would block foreign doctors from applying for entry to Australia via independent or family sponsored points tested...

Qantas to introduce non-stop flights to Perth

12th December 2016 | GP News

Qantas is planning non-stop flights from London to Perth. Beginning in March 2018, the flights will take 17 hours It’s a 9000 mile journey and it will become the longest non-stop scheduled passenger flight. Qantas will use their Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 planes, carrying 236 passengers Current flights typically take 20 hours plus with a stop in Qatar or Dubai   More information via the BBC website:

The Art of Australia

8th December 2016 | Why Australia?

BBC Radio 4 programme about the Art of Australia – a look at the cultural life of Australia. Presented by Corin Throsby, the series looks at the development of the cultural heritage of Australia and the influence of both Aboriginal culture and recent immigrants. The first two episodes are on BBC iPlayer: And Episode 2: Australia Day

Review of property prices in Australia

28th November 2016 | Why Australia?

Here’s a common sense review of the property market across Australia: It makes interesting reading – Perth will continue to cool but prices in Sydney and Melbourne will increase slowly.      

I decided to make the move to Australia in December 2011 to work as a GP. It had always been an ambition of mine to move out there. In all honesty though I had no idea where to start. I searched online and emailed an agency. Paul emailed me back straight away with a lot of initial information and we arranged to talk. After a long discussion with him (he was very patient as I had a LOT of questions), to cut a long story short he sent me a lot of information about available jobs and how to make the move. I basically let Paul know the jobs I was interested in and he gave me more info and set up interviews (this all happened very quickly). Anyhow after the interview (for the job I liked) I was offered the job and accepted the contract. As I discovered a little bit at a time moving to Australia can be very time consuming and difficult with all the procedures and paperwork needed. Paul also put me in touch with Monique who is based in Australia. So I now basically had 2 contacts to ask questions. As I mentioned previously I had a lot of questions. I can’t even begin to describe how helpful and easy it was to communicate with them both. If I had a question, or if there was a problem it was sorted out asap. Moving to Australia as a doctor is hard, but Paul and Monique made it so easy for me, it was just more time consuming than difficult (collecting all the paperwork). Had I tried to do this without them I would have struggled an awful lot. Not only do they help you with the medical paperwork, they will also give advice on living in Australia and also help with other things that will need to be done to facilitate the move. They will talk you through every thing that needs to be done in a manner that makes things seem straightforward!

Now I’m here, I still have contact and the little things and attention to detail, such as phone calls to see how I’m settling in is amazing. I love the place, the job and I don’t think i would be here now without their help.

I can quite honestly say this is a fantastic service and i would recommend it to anybody! They will talk you through every thing that needs to be done.
Dr Graham