Living in Australia

30th November 2011 | Why Australia?

Thought I would give a quick mention to Bob in Oz. He runs a good website with lots of useful information on what it’s like to move to Australia / live in different parts of the country: Link is here:


29th November 2011 | Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

Visas: You’ll need a visa to work in Australia. Usually this is a 457 visa which is classed as a temporary business visa for skilled employees. This will last you for four years, after which you can apply for another one, or if you choose, you can apply for residency. The 457 visa covers your family members as well. The visa process is quite complex. Your employer will sponsor you but, if you’re not a lover of complex forms and precise writing you may need to use a visa agent to help you...

Perth and Western Australia

29th November 2011 | Why Australia?

Perth & Western Australia A lot of our vacancies are around Perth in Western Australia and I thought it would be good to give some more background on this part of Australia. Western Australia is ten times the size of the UK but with a population of just 2.3million. 90% of its income comes from mining and petroleum. Most important is Iron Ore, accounting for 58% of exports. Next up is oil, then gold, alumina, coal and uranium. The economy is more closely linked with China than the west...

Steps to getting registration to work as a GP in Australia

28th November 2011 | Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

Dealing with Australian bureaucracy Registration with the different sections of the Australian bureaucratic system is a complex subject. This is our understanding of what you’ll need to do before you can start work: There are 5 steps – AMC / RACGP / AHPRA /Visas / Medicare number. 1) First step is registering with the AMC. We cover this stage in more detail with a special letter and FAQ document – please ask if you’d like a copy. 2) Once you’ve sent all your...

Tough to get AMC registration?

28th November 2011 | Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

A story recently came out in Australia about how hard it is to get registered as a doctor and start work there. While we don’t think it’s this hard for GPs, it makes interesting reading: For GP’s with a UK or Irish medical background with MRCGP and JCPTGP / CCT, then the process is relatively straightforward. See here for more...

I would highly recommend EU Health Staff to any GP looking for work in Australia. They provide a very professional, efficient and friendly service.

As a newly qualified GP with a young family, and having never been to Australia before, the process of finding the right job seemed rather daunting at first. Being matched to the right practice and location was crucial to the success of our move.

Paul, based in the UK, did an excellent job in assessing my needs and interests (and those of my family!) and matching me to the right job/s. This saved me a lot of time and effort. He was also very responsive in replying to my queries, liaising with partners and employers in Australia, arranging interviews, and keeping me up to date with the whole process.

‘Monique, based in Australia, was also immensely helpful as the time of our move approached, and communicated directly with my wife regarding many practical queries that we had. This was great for us as I was busy working full-time and had no time to make calls to Australia at a suitable time; or to reply to emails promptly. Monique also gave us a warm welcome to Perth and was there on my first day at work here.

My wife and I feel as though we were guided by the hand in what could have otherwise been a very confusing and frustrating maze of application forms, registration steps and overseas phone calls. Quite honestly, I don’t think we would have got very far in the process had we attempted it ourselves unaided!

We have been in Perth for almost three months now and already feel settled into work and family life here. The adjustment process has not been as challenging as we expected. We have made friends easily and are enjoying the outdoor lifestyle…even in winter! We are already planning to stay longer than we first anticipated…even buying a house. Many thanks to Paul, Monique and partners for helping to make this move a reality and success for our family! You are the best!
Dr A. R.