Update on iMAP MRCGP

21st February 2013 | Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

20th Feb 2013: The RACGP has updated their advice for UK doctors who received MRCGP via iMAP. They are still in discussions with the RCGP in London as to the whether the qualification will be accepted long term. However, while these discussions are still going on, the RACGP now says that they will accept applicants with iMAP MRCGP as Category 1, provided the documentation has been received by them by March 31st 2013. There is more information...

Important information for GPs with iMAP MRCGP

5th February 2013 | Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

The RACGP has recently changed its view on how they will categorise UK GPs who hold MRCGP via iMAP. iMAP MRCGP has been available for the past 5 years, and, in accordance with the guidelines issued by the RCGP in London, has been treated by the RACGP as equivalent to the examined MRCGP in its categorisation process for UK GPs. On 4th February 2013, the RACGP announced that they have only now become aware of this qualification route and have decided that applicants with MRCGP iMAP, who apply...

New jobs added

19th January 2013 | GP Job Updates

New jobs added and site update on Saturday 19th January 2013. New jobs in the Brisbane area (Morayfield, Murrumba Downs and Beenleigh).

New Year, new job in Australia?

3rd January 2013 | Why Australia?

Happy New Year to you all Here’s a quick round up of the jobs market in Australia as of January 3rd 2013. a) Western Australia. Quite a few jobs in Perth and Western Australia. These are quite close to the city centre (to the east) – about 20 to 30 mins from the CBD (central business district). There are also jobs on the coast – typically 40 mins north or south of the Swan River. There are several jobs further out from Perth (usually inland) and these pay well. Typically...

GP Jobs Market in December 2012

12th December 2012 | GP Job Updates, Registration with the AMC and / or RACGP

Here’s a brief update on the jobs market in Australia in December 2012 Still a wide range of vacancies in Perth, Western Australia. There are jobs both north and south of the Swan River – some not too far from the ocean. If you want to be busy and have a city lifestyle, this is the best destination Brisbane and Queensland. We have several good vacancies on the south side of the city centre. These all involve getting a DWS exemption for you. However, we’ve got several going...

What does it cost to live in Australia

1st December 2012 | GP News, Why Australia?

New page added to the site with information on what it costs to live in Australia in general and Perth & Brisbane in particular: http://www.gpjobsinaustralia.co.uk/cost-of-living-in-australia/

Recruitment Meeting with a Major Australian GP Company

15th November 2012 | GP News

We met up with the recruitment manager for one of our main clients in Australia. They employ about 1,000 GPs and serve 6 million patients per year. They’ve got quite a few vacancies across Australia, with the following vacancies: 5 vacancies in Queensland 8 vacancies in NSW 3 vacancies in Victoria 1 vacancy in South Australia 5 vacancies in Western Australia (some of these are in more rural areas – see note below about opportunities for category 2 GPs) The offer they have is a...

RACGP now has a record number of members

12th November 2012 | GP News

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners now has 19,388 members – the highest number in its history

GP Jobs Market Update

31st October 2012 | GP Job Updates

What are the current trends in the jobs market in Australia for GPs? There are still plenty of jobs available for UK, Irish & NZ trained GPs. But there are fewer in key suburban areas around the east coast cities (Sydney & Melbourne in particular) There are more jobs in Perth and Western Australia than any other area The DWS restrictions are causing a two tracked jobs market in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. There are very few DWS jobs in these two areas but quite a few non-DWS...

What size of GP practice would suit you best?

22nd October 2012 | GP News

There’s an excellent summary of the pros and cons of big and small GP practices in Australia in the Medical Journal of Australia. Size does matter – at least when it comes to deciding whether to be in a small or large practice. Small practices have all the advantages you might imagine – a better chance of developing on-going patient relationships, development of a close knit team and more  autonomy & control over how you practice. But larger practices have their...

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