Applying for a GP job in Australia

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We understand that relocating to Australia can seem a little daunting, but it is a lot easier than you think! We break down the process from the very beginning, so you know exactly what to expect when applying for a GP job in Australia.

Starting off & Timescales

It is easiest to begin by looking for a suitable job in an area of the country you’re most interested in. The clinics know it will take quite a long time for you to get out to Australia to begin work, so they are prepared for a long lead time and some uncertainty over your actual start date.

In any event, you now need a confirmed & accepted job offer in order to register.


In brief, you start off by requesting a USA organization called EPIC to arrange verification of your primary (MBBS) and specialist qualification (MRCGP) on behalf of the AMC.

The second stage is the Royal Australian College of GPs (RACGP) side of things, which is now via a web interface. This will confirm that you can have Fellowship of the RACGP, which means you are equivalent to an Australian trained GP.

After that, you apply for AHPRA (like applying to NHS England to get on a Performers’ List), your visa and then Medicare, so that you can bill for patients.


Our clients use the 457 business visa system. Although this is due to change next year, for the time being, it is the best route.

The GP practice will apply for sponsorship for you. Once they have this, you can then apply for your visa.

Other visa options, such as applying for Permanent Residency while in the UK aren’t easy to undertake and all the clients we know of won’t support you with this because of the timescales and uncertainty involved. However, it is relatively straightforward to apply for Permanent Residency once you arrive in Australia and GPs generally have enough points to gain PR within a year or so (N.B. The PR system may also change next year when they bring in the replacement for the 457 visa. We still expect GPs, who are under 40, to be able to get PR with the new system)

The move

A lot depends on how much, and who, you are taking with you. Some doctors manage with just a flight and some excess luggage. Others use specialist shipping agents for a (part) container load of household effects. If you’re taking your family pet(s) with you, then please allow plenty of time for planning and arranging vet reports. There are also tough regulations to fulfil if you intend to take your car with you as well.

There are some good websites to help with the move and a couple to use to look for somewhere to live. Please ask and we will send you a list of the main ones we recommend.


Working with Monique and Martina in Australia, (UK GP applying from New Zealand) made the laborious and pedantic process of applying for GP Fellowship and Australian registration much easier than trying to do this alone. It was still a long process but the team helped every step of the way, and were happy to liaise with the AMC, RACGP or AHPRA when needed. They worked hard to secure a good GP position for me, and overall I highly recommend and thank them for all their help in the process of relocating to Australia as a GP.
Dr U. M.