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GP Jobs in Australia 

We’ve got the best General Practice jobs in Australia. Find the right GP position in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Tasmania.

GP Jobs in Australia is part of EU Health Staff Ltd

EU Health Staff Ltd

We offer a personal service to help you with finding a job overseas.  We are UK based so it’s easy to get hold of us.

We can give you impartial advice on what’s available from a wide range of clients. Please feel free to get in touch by email or telephone: [email protected] or +44(0)1483 763102.

EU Health Staff Ltd is run by Paul Brooks. Paul has over 12 years of experience in international medical recruitment, starting off with recruitment from the “new” EU countries to the UK in 2004. His work now encompasses: GPs to Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Hospital doctors to Germany, Sweden, the UK & Ireland from the EU and doctors to China

How we work:

We’re a UK based agency and we work closely with our colleagues in various countries to find doctors for them from the across the world. They in turn have connections with all the main corporate GP practice companies  as well as a large number of hospitals – both in the public sector and privately owned – in their country . This gives us access to a lot of different jobs across the world for our candidates and specialised knowledge on registration and the kind of packages available – while remaining “local” and on the UK’s time zone.

Please note:

a)      Our service is free for candidates as we are paid by our clients to find suitable doctors for them.

b)      We will at all times strive to give accurate, complete and fair information to you about the jobs we have available. However, we can’t be held liable in the event that we are unable to help you find a job or if a piece of information turns out to be incorrect or if you incur expenditure that turns out to have been unnecessary.  Having said this, it is in our interests to make sure we do things right by you – so please let us know if there is any area of our service or the information we give out to you where we could improve.

c)      If we arrange a job offer for you:

  1. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to accept the job or if you have queries about the offer.
  2. If you do accept a job offer from our client, they will stop looking for other candidates and will make preparations for you to come and join them. In return, they will expect you to stop looking for other jobs and to take up this job on the agreed date. You should let us know as soon as possible if you can foresee any reasons which might mean you can’t do this. We can usually make arrangements to help with these matters if we know in advance.
  3. Any contract you agree will be with the GP practice itself in the destination country and will be under local law.

Data protection:

We will log you as “interested but not committed” with our clients when we get your CV (assuming your qualifications and background match our clients’ requirements). This is done on a confidential basis, without contact details, and it enables us to then send you information on the exact location of their vacancies, web links (if available) and a summary of the financial arrangements that are likely to be on offer. If one or more of their jobs looks to be of interest to you, we can then arrange for you to talk to the practice manager(s) and subsequently to have an interview.

For more information on our services, please email or call us:

Email: [email protected]

Tel & Fax: +44(0) 1483 763102
Mobile: +44(0) 7950 029647

Our mail address is:
Aspley, New Lane, Sutton Green, Nr Guildford, GU4 7QF

We are a UK company.  Reg. in England and Wales: 3499408

I decided to make the move to Australia in December 2011 to work as a GP. It had always been an ambition of mine to move out there. In all honesty though I had no idea where to start. I searched online and emailed an agency. Paul emailed me back straight away with a lot of initial information and we arranged to talk. After a long discussion with him (he was very patient as I had a LOT of questions), to cut a long story short he sent me a lot of information about available jobs and how to make the move. I basically let Paul know the jobs I was interested in and he gave me more info and set up interviews (this all happened very quickly). Anyhow after the interview (for the job I liked) I was offered the job and accepted the contract. As I discovered a little bit at a time moving to Australia can be very time consuming and difficult with all the procedures and paperwork needed. Paul also put me in touch with Monique who is based in Australia. So I now basically had 2 contacts to ask questions. As I mentioned previously I had a lot of questions. I can’t even begin to describe how helpful and easy it was to communicate with them both. If I had a question, or if there was a problem it was sorted out asap. Moving to Australia as a doctor is hard, but Paul and Monique made it so easy for me, it was just more time consuming than difficult (collecting all the paperwork). Had I tried to do this without them I would have struggled an awful lot. Not only do they help you with the medical paperwork, they will also give advice on living in Australia and also help with other things that will need to be done to facilitate the move. They will talk you through every thing that needs to be done in a manner that makes things seem straightforward!

Now I’m here, I still have contact and the little things and attention to detail, such as phone calls to see how I’m settling in is amazing. I love the place, the job and I don’t think i would be here now without their help.

I can quite honestly say this is a fantastic service and i would recommend it to anybody! They will talk you through every thing that needs to be done.
Dr Graham