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Update 8th April 2020.

Vacancies: There are still vacancies across Australia for UK & Irish-trained GPs. We have an immediate vacancy in south east Perth (see this blog post for details). We also have vacancies in NSW for start dates at the end of 2020. Please contact me for more details: [email protected]

Travel to Australia: there are very few flights to Australia at the moment. However, they haven’t stopped completely. BA has a flight scheduled for  sat 25th April and then at least weekly after that. And Qantas is showing flights from 1st June 2020. There are restrictions on who can fly to Australia but GPs can apply for an exemption

Working Australia: most clinics are working via telephone appointments with many fewer surgery visits (though there are visits for things like flu jabs). Together with the general stay at home advice, this has reduced demand for GP services. However, there are still areas of demand (see the blog post about the vacancy in south east Perth)

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    Quick link to our current vacancies: GP Jobs in Australia

    All of our vacancies are open to UK, Irish and NZ trained GPs. They are in District of Workforce Shortage (DWS) areas, which means you can work without restriction. Expect your earnings to be in the region of $250,000 AUS, rising to $300,000 after you’ve been there for a couple of years


  • GP Jobs in Australia

    General Practice in Australia is very similar to the UK & Ireland in terms of clinical work. Practices are generally modern and have nursing support. Some have physiotherapy, pathology, ultrasound, CT and / or ECG too. Usually the practices have 6 to 10 doctors on site. Typically, they are open 12 hours a day, for 5 days per week and often weekends too.

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    Compared to the NHS or HSE, there’s less hassle, less bureaucracy, more medicine and more money. GPs have a lot of freedom to practice as they wish in Australia. “There is far less pressure to see patient numbers beyond that which one can safely manage”. Says one GP working in Perth. Typical earnings start from $A240,000 and rise to $A300,000 per annum after a few years’ experience.

Why choose a GP Job in Australia?

GP Jobs in Australia

Choice of GP jobs

Where would you like to work?

We are recruiting General Practitioners / Family Doctors from the UK, Ireland and New Zealand to work as GPs in Australia. Pay rates are very good – typically you can earn in the range of  $A240,000 (£117,000) to $300,000 (£147,000) per annum. We have jobs in and around all of the major cities – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin.

Our clients include all the main groups who run GP clinics across Australia as well as a large number of smaller, privately owned groups & standalone practices.

At any one time we usually have around 60 separate vacancies across the country

GP Jobs in Australia

Strong medical system

Australia has an excellent health care system, based on a mix of private and public provision.

Australia’s medical system is publically funded and available to all residents and nationals. It is part funded by a 2% “Medicare Levy”, paid by all taxpayers as a supplement to their income tax. Primary care is on a fee-per-service basis (ie a payment is made for each visit to the GP by either the individual or, most likely, by the government). Secondary care based on a GP referral is free. As well as general healthcare, Medicare run several primary care initiatives to improve general health – asthma, diabetes, cervical screening etc. It’s a system which works well. With around 9.1% of GDP spent on healthcare, it does well by international standards. Life expectancy is better than Sweden, Netherlands and the UK.  Link for more info.

GP Jobs in Australia

Strong economy

Australia’s per capita GDP is higher than the UK, France or Germany.

Australia is the 12th largest in the world on current figures. It has a higher per-capita GDP than the UK, Germany or France.  And it is expected to continue to grow well – the OECD forecasts 3% for 2017, somewhat better than the UK’s forecast of 2.3% (OECD forecasts: Nov 2015). In part, this growth is based on a presumed bounce back in raw material prices. But it is also a recognition of some structural changes to the Australian economy – away from digging raw materials out of the centre of the country and more towards banking, bioscience, agriculture, IT & tourism.

From our own observations, cities & areas like Perth, Melbourne and the Gold Coast are growing quite strongly with new housing being built – which is what drives the demand for GPs

GP Jobs in Australia

Australia has so much to offer

White sandy beaches and warm summer evenings. Plus great cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

White sandy beaches and warm summer evenings. Plus great cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. A great destination in it’s own right for holidays, it is also a great place to bring up children or just to enjoy life. It’s easy to explore Asia from Australia – there are easy flights to Bali, Thailand, India, Hong Kong  – as well as New Zealand and even trips to Antarctica. And while it is a long way from the UK, the time differences are not as great as it might seem. In the Summer, Perth is just 7 hours ahead of the UK. Overall, Australia regularly tops the OECD’s better life index.

GP Jobs in Australia

Well paid jobs with less bureaucracy.

Earn $240,000 per year or more and no NHS bureaucracy

Primary care in Australia is both the same as the UK and yet very different. The clinical work is similar. But the way you are employed, the way you are treated by the health service (Medicare) and the way you are paid are all very different. You’ll be self-employed but working as a tied agent to one practice (or group of practices). You are there just to treat patients. There is very little form filling beyond patient notes and referrals, which are all computerised. You will be actively wanting to see patients each day. In short, you won’t be acting as a gatekeeper to a rationed health service. Rather you’ll be seeing patients according to their needs and treating them as far as practical within your practice.

GP Jobs in Australia

Will you be better off though?

Find out about the cost of living and taxes in Australia

We often asked how much it costs to live in Australia – particularly about the costs in Perth & Brisbane.

Perth has picked up something of a reputation for being an expensive city. Not only for apartment / house rental but also for food, transport and going out. This is not entirely fair as some things are cheaper over there than they are in the UK or Ireland. Nevertheless some areas of expenditure like house rental & eating out can be more expensive than the majority of the UK (these costs are more on a par with the south east of England) .

On balance though, with higher incomes and lower taxes than the UK / Ireland, you’ll be better off in Australia than here. Your income is likely to be around £150,000 per annum and tax rates are about 5% less than the UK – See note at the bottom of this page on Taxation.

What do GPs in Australia get paid?

You can expect to earn between $240,000 to $300,000 per year if you work in a suburban area. You’ll usually be self-employed, so these figures are gross earnings and based on you getting a proportion of the amount billed to patients.

AMC & RACGP Registration

You’ll need to hold full registration with the Australian Medical Council and Royal Australian College of GPs. If you did your GP training in the UK, Ireland or New Zealand, this should be straightforward, though time consuming.

Apply for a job or register your details

If you would like to apply for a job or if you’d just like us to get in touch to have a chat about the options, please use the form below or call +44(0) 1483 763102. All personal data is confidential and we will never pass on your details to anybody without your permission. Please take a moment to read our full data policy, complying with the May 2018 EU GDPR

That's great. The certificate is attached. I'll try to book a flight for Sunday, May 18th. Thank you for your information concerning the Health Insurance. I am very happy that I have the opportunity to start to work in GB now. Thank you for your help.